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Thesis Binding

The Library keeps two copies of each thesis accepted by the University - one for the general library collections and one for the University Archive, which preserves theses for posterity.

How to Submit Your Thesis

Students should deliver two or three unbound copies to:

     W.I. Dykes Library
     Thesis Binding Service
     One Main Building
     Room 510N
     1 Main Street
     Houston, Texas 77002


Printing Requirements

  • Use white paper, 8 1/2" x 11", 20-lb watermark, acid-free or acid-neutral paper with at least 25% cotton content.
  • Print all text with a 1.25-inch left margin.
  • Include official signature pages with each copy


How to Register Copyright


Personal Copies

To order personal copies, students can work directly with a binder. On this page is a list of binders who work with students:

Contact Us

For information about thesis binding, contact:

Steve Bonario
W.I. Dykes Library
One Main Building
Room N510