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PS-10.A.22 - Interim Adjunct Policy

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Effective Date: Sept. 1, 2022

Issue #: 2

President: Loren J. Blanchard,

1. Purpose

This PS establishes university policies governing the hiring, support, supervision, evaluation, and termination of adjunct faculty who constitute a significant component of the university's teaching work force and have a critical role to play in carrying out the university's mission.

2. Definitions

2.1 Adjunct Faculty are defined in PS.10.A.03B (Non-Tenure & Non-Tenure Track Academic Appointments).

2.2 Continuing adjunct faculty: For the purposes of this document only, "continuing adjunct faculty" are defined as those current adjunct faculty members eligible for rehire.

3. Policy/Procedures

3.1 The university employs adjunct faculty to provide course coverage which cannot be provided by the full-time faculty. They are appointed to teach a course or participate in the instructional processes for a department or program.

3.2 All offers of employment as adjunct faculty are conditional on enrollment. Thus, the department's offer to teach a given course may be withdrawn if that course is canceled because of insufficient enrollment or if the course is reassigned to a full-time faculty.

3.3 The duties assigned adjunct faculty may vary across departments; however all departments shall employ an adequate number of full-time faculty to provide effective leadership in teaching, mentoring, scholarship, curriculum development, institutional planning and shared governance.

3.4 Compensation of all adjunct faculty shall be on a per-course basis following university guidelines.

3.5 The employment guidelines for tenured and tenure track faculty outlined in PS.10.A.03 and PS.A.10.13 do not apply to adjunct faculty.

3.6 Qualification, Hiring, and Support

3.6.1 Qualification: Adjunct faculty must meet the requirements for hire set forth in PS 10.A.03B.

3.6.2 Hiring procedure: The department chair shall request the approval of the dean to fill an adjunct faculty position for one long semester. Departments shall be responsible for advertising for adjunct faculty positions. The department chair or designee reviews, at minimum, the candidates' CV, cover letter, and transcripts. Additional application materials may be requested and reviewed based on disciplinary, departmental, and/or accreditation needs. Top candidates are then interviewed on-campus, via video interviews, and/or via phone interviews. The department completes the hiring package for successful candidates, including an offer letter signed by the chair, and sends it to the provost's office for finalization of the hiring process.

3.6.3 Support: Each department shall establish written policies and procedures regarding the support of its adjunct faculty. These policies and procedures shall include the following provisions: The university and/or department shall supply adjunct faculty with orientations and department handbooks with information on departmental procedures and other needed university information. Adjunct faculty shall be provided with office space where students seeking face-to- face academic assistance have access.

3.7 Evaluation, Supervision, Reappointment and Dismissal: Each department shall establish written policies and procedures regarding the evaluation, supervision and evaluation of its adjunct faculty. These policies and procedures shall include the following provisions.

3.7.1 Evaluation: The department chair or the chair's designee shall perform periodic written or oral evaluations of continuing adjunct faculty. These evaluations shallclearly articulate the faculty member's positive contributions as well as possible improvements needed. Development and Review of Departmental Evaluation Rubrics:
Continuing adjunct faculty shall be evaluated according to evaluation criteria rubrics written by the department, as well as the terms of the faculty contract. These evaluations shall be based on information from all available sources including, but not limited to, syllabi, available student opinions. To ensure consistency, by December 15, each department shall submit its rubrics to be used the following year to the adjunct faculty, appropriate dean, and to the Office of the Provost. If such updated criteria and rubrics have not been submitted, the department shall use the criteria and rubric in effect the previous year. Evaluation Meetings: The department chair or their designee may schedule meetings with individual continuing adjunct faculty to discuss their performance evaluations. However, these meetings may be waived by written, mutual consent. Continuing adjunct faculty who do not schedule a meeting or request to waive their meeting with the department chair within ten business days after receiving their departmental performance report are assumed to have waived their meeting.

3.7.2 Supervision: Responsibility for supervising adjunct faculty shall be clearly assigned to the department chair or their designee. Supervision should assure that adjunct faculty adhere to duties agreed to on their contract (offer letter).

3.7.3 Dismissal: Adjunct faculty members are subject to "dismissal" as defined in UH SAM 06.A.09. Dismissal decisions for adjuncts are not subject to the university grievance process.

4. Exhibits

There are no exhibits associated with this policy.

5. Review Process

Responsible Party (Reviewer): Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost

Review: Every five years, or as necessary

Signed original on file in The Office of the Provost

6.Policy History

Issue #1: 4/11/17