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PS-09.B.06 - UHD Graphic Standards

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EFFECTIVE DATE: August 02, 2019

ISSUE #: 1

PRESIDENT:  Juan Sánchez Muñoz


Branding is a key element of establishing an organization in the marketplace and differentiating it from its competition. A powerful brand can establish trust and credibility, and illicit loyalty from satisfied customers. Key elements of branding include logo, tagline, color palette, marketing materials, letterhead, signage, messaging and other tangible representations of a company. The University of Houston-Downtown brand and adherence to its components and guidelines will ensure consistency and recognition of the brand. Recognition of the greater University brand benefits each of its programs and key segments independently and promotes a strong brand identity. This policy defines the rules and procedures set forth by the Vice President of Advancement and University Relations, as approved by the President, for the use of the brand by all divisions, departments, and business units on campus. 


2.1 Public-facing marketing materials: UHD marketing collateral, including but not limited to flyers, brochures, posters and all other print and digital promotional material that may be seen by a public audience on or off campus. 

2.2 UHD Graphic Standards: set of defined standards for physical and electronic materials used to communicate information about UHD. 

2.3 UHD apparel: clothing, including but not limited to shirts, pants, shorts, jackets, sweatshirts, socks and hats. 

2.4 Promotional merchandise: products branded with UHD logos or slogans used to promote the institution. 

2.5 Public-facing campus spaces: any spaces likely to be seen by the general public at any UHD owned, leased, or otherwise inhabited facility. This does not include individual faculty or staff offices. 

2.6 Interior and/or exterior aesthetic design: paint, color, graphics, artwork, carpet, finishing materials (e.g. cabinet finishes), signage, and/or furniture. 


3.1 The Office of University Relations produces and publishes an electronic Graphic Standards document that outlines branding standards for UHD marketing collateral, apparel, promotional merchandise, and interior/exterior design of public-facing campus spaces.

3.2 The Office of University Relations is officially designated as the university liaison for planning interior and/or exterior aesthetic design of public-facing campus spaces. 


4.1 Official UHD marketing materials, apparel, promotional merchandise, and publicfacing campus spaces must align with published UHD Graphic Standards and be reviewed by the Office of University Relations prior to production or installation. This does not include materials produced by or for Student Organizations, provided logo use guidelines are followed.

4.2 Interior and/or exterior aesthetic design of public-facing facilities spaces is developed by the office of University Relations in collaboration with the relevant academic or administrative unit and the Office of Facilities Management.

4.3 Per PS 09.B.05, advertising, audiovisual productions, promotional materials, or any use of the University’s marks in advertising or promotions with other entities must also be reviewed by the Office of University Relations to assure that there is no implication of product endorsement. 


Responsible Party (Reviewer): Executive Director of University Relations

Review: Every three years on or before May 1 st .

Signed original on file in Human Resources. 


No prior issues of this policy. 


PS 09.B.05, Advertising Policy