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PS-09.B.02 - Release of Public Information

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EFFECTIVE DATE: November 30, 2021

ISSUE #: 9

PRESIDENT:  Dr. Loren J. Blanchard


This PS states the university policies and procedures on release of information about the university to news media and how to respond to media requests. The release of information in student records is not contained in this PS. 


For the purpose of this policy, news media shall refer to representatives of newspapers, magazines, newsletters, online publications, blogs, television, radio or any other media outlet. 


The Office of University Relations is officially designated as the university liaison with all news media and is responsible for planning, coordinating, and executing a program of media relations for the institution. Official contact with the media is made in coordination with this office. The following procedures have been developed to help the office of university relations provide assistance to faculty and staff members and student organizations. 


4.1 Faculty, staff, and students are to contact the Office of University Relations at least three weeks in advance of significant announcements which may have media interest. University relations will prepare press releases for distribution in consultation with the requestor, and forward them to appropriate media contacts, and additional media contacts recommended by the requester. An employee or department that seeks to publicize a program, event or achievement should contact University Relations. This office has access to numerous media contacts and will work with employees to coordinate publicity or visibility for programs, events or newsworthy issues. 

4.2 If approached by a representative of the media, faculty and staff members are to direct inquiries to the Director of Communications, University Relations. Individuals should not respond directly to media, but should provide the media representative with contact information for the Director of Communications. They should follow up by providing a summary of the encounter to the Director of Communications, University Relations. 

4.3 Any faculty or staff member who observes media representatives working on the campus is to notify the Office of University Relations so its staff may offer assistance. 


Responsible Party (Reviewer): Executive Director of University Relations

Review: Every three years on or before May 1.

Signed original on file in Human Resources. 


Dates for prior issues are unavailable.

Issue #5: 05/12/1989

Issue #6: 10/16/1995

Issue #7: 07/09/2015 – Reaffirmed as Issue #8 


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