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PS-03.B.01 - Graduate Policies and Program Documentation

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EFFECTIVE DATE: April 27, 2018

ISSUE #: 1

PRESIDENT:  Dr. Juan Sánchez Muñoz


This Policy Statement (PS) describes the organization of the graduate student policies and processes. In doing so, it explains the fundamental organizational structure of graduate studies. 


2.1 Graduate Council: An advisory body made up of graduate program directors and relevant administrative staff appointed by the provost. 

2.2 Graduate Program Director: Manager and leader of a graduate degree or graduate certificate program. 

2.3 Graduate Program Handbook: A document that includes an individual program’s process for handling admission, appeals, probation, suspension, and expulsion.


3.1 Graduate Policies: Academic policies unique to graduate students begin with “03B” code. 

3.2 Graduate Council is responsible for advising on programs and university processes as they relate to graduate students and graduate programs, including the review of graduate handbooks. The council reviews university academic policies and makes recommendations to the appropriate policy committee and administrators. The council also represents the interests of the graduate programs to the broader university community. The graduate council chair must be a tenured graduate director and is selected by the members of the council. Voting members consist of graduate program directors only. 

3.3 Graduate Program Handbook: Each program director is responsible for the compilation and dissemination of their respective program handbook. This document must include (1) Contact information of directors, deans, and relevant advisors; (2) a description of the admission process and standards, as governed by PS 03.B.24 Admission of Graduate Students; (3) an overview of the probation and dismissal processes, as governed by PS 03.B.07 Graduate Academic Probation, Suspension, and Dismissal; and (4) the process students will follow when making an appeal, as outlined in PS 03.B.07 Graduate Academic Probation, Suspension, and Dismissal; PS 03.B.04 Grading System for Graduate-Level Courses; PS 03.A.19 Academic Honesty Policy.


See Section 3 for Procedures. 


There are no exhibits associated with this policy.


Responsible Party (Reviewer): Provost/Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs

Review: Every five years, or as necessary.

Signed original on file in Human Resources. 


There are no prior issues of this policy.


PS 01.A.03 Academic Shared Governance Policy

PS 03.A.19 Academic Honesty Policy

PS 03.B.04 Grading System for Graduate Students

PS 03.B.06 Graduation and Commencement for Graduate Students

PS 03.B.07 Graduate Academic Probation, Suspension, and Dismissal of Graduate Students

PS 03.B.24 Admission of Graduate Students

CHSS Graduate Handbook 

MAT Graduate Handbook

MSCJ Graduate Handbook

MBA Graduate Handbook

CST Graduate Handbook