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PS-03.A.34 - University College Curriculum Support Committee

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EFFECTIVE DATE: June 27, 2014

ISSUE #: 2

PRESIDENT:  William Flores


This policy establishes a path through the curricular process for degree programs housed in University College, which lack the mechanism of a departmental curriculum committee comprised of tenured and tenure-track faculty members. This policy also establishes a structure within which assessment and continuous improvement activities can be conducted for programs housed in University College. 


2.1 Curriculum Development Process: All the steps involved in creating and modifying courses and academic programs. 

2.2 Assessment Activities: The establishment and monitoring of learning outcomes, the evaluation of student work and interpretation of findings from that evaluation, and the identification and implementation of strategies designed to improve student learning and success for programs or portions of programs. 

2.3 University College (UC) Curriculum Support Committee: A committee with members appointed by the Deans in consultation with relevant chairs to act on behalf of a degree program housed in University College.


3.1 The UC Curriculum Support Committee is comprised of two representatives from each college appointed by their respective college deans in consultation with relevant chairs. This committee of 10 will include 8 tenured/tenure-track faculty with knowledge of the relevant subject area(s) and 1 representative from each of the 2 degree programs in University College. The Provost will ensure that there is appropriate representation and expertise on the committee. 

3.2 Representatives on the UC Curriculum Support Committee will participate in the curriculum development process (see policies listed under References) and engage in assessment activities (PS 03.A.31) for the degree programs housed in University College. 

3.3 In its curricular and assessment activities, the UC Curriculum Support Committee may invite the program director/program chair and other faculty members involved in teaching for the program to attend committee meetings.


4.1 In all cases of curricular development proposals by programs served by the UC Curriculum Support Committee, academic disciplines, departments, colleges, and other university areas (such as library, information technology, and enrollment services) affected by changes are to be notified and consulted with sufficient opportunity for discussions and feedback. 

4.2 Course, program, or degree proposals brought forward by the UC Curriculum Support Committee that are to be submitted to the University Curriculum Committee are signed by the UC Curriculum Support Committee chair, program director/program chair, and the UC dean. 

4.3 Proposals will follow the procedures beginning in section 4.1 of PS 03.A.12: Changes to Curricula, Courses, and Program Inventory.


There are no exhibits associated with this policy.


Responsible Party: (Reviewer): Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost

Review: Every 5 years, or as necessary.

Signed original on file in Human Resources.


Issue #1: 02/13/2012


PS 03.A.12: Changes to Curricula, Courses, and Program Inventory

PS 03.A.31: Assessment of Educational Programs