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PS-03.A.21 - Field Experience Policy

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EFFECTIVE DATE: December 18, 2000

ISSUE #: 6

PRESIDENT:  Max Castillo


This PS states the University of Houston - Downtown (UHD) policy and procedures relating to all forms of field experience. 


2.1 Definition

Field experience integrates classroom learning with work place experience. Field experience includes programs commonly called cooperative education and internship, whether in paid or unpaid positions. Field experience programs grant semester credit hours which apply toward the graduation requirements of certain degree programs. A position offered to a student through the field experience program reinforces and complements the student's academic field of study. Careful monitoring and appropriate academic assignments ensure that credit hours granted for field experience are comparable in academic and professional requirements to those granted for more traditional academic course work. 

2.2 Criteria for Student Eligibility

Students wishing to enroll in any field experience program must meet the following requirements: 

2.2.1 They must have junior, senior or graduate standing. 

2.2.2 They must be in good academic standing. 

2.3 Procedures 

2.3.1 Departmental Procedures Each department establishes for selection of students written criteria which meet at least the minimum guidelines for student eligibility and are approved by the appropriate dean and the Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost (VPAA). Each department establishes for faculty supervisors written descriptions of responsibilities including contact with students, contact with employment supervisors, and assessment of student progress and performance. These descriptions are approved by the appropriate dean and the VPAA. 

2.3.2 Student Procedures The student must secure the prior approval of the department chair in whose area the field instruction is being offered. The student completes an Application for Field Experience in the Office of Counseling and Career Services prior to the semester in which the student wishes to participate in field experience. The completed application file must be forwarded to the Office of Counseling and Career Services. That office will maintain the file. 

2.4 Faculty Credit

The workload of faculty members teaching field experience courses is governed by the faculty workload as it pertains to unorganized classes. See PS 03.A.04. 

2.5 Maximum Credit Hours per Student

No more than six semester credits of field experience may be applied toward graduation. 

2.6 Grading 

Grades given in field experience courses are either S (satisfactory) or F (failing).


Responsible Party (Reviewer): Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost

Review: As needed 

Issue #1: 6/16/83 

Issue #2: 3/1/86 

Issue #3: 10/9/89 

Issue #4: 3/15/99 

Issue #5: 4/11/00