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PS-03.A.03 - Auditing Courses

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EFFECTIVE DATE: June 22, 2015

ISSUE #: 5

PRESIDENT:  William Flores


The purpose of this PS is to set forth policies about and procedures for auditing courses at the University of Houston–Downtown (UHD). 


2.1 To audit a course is to enroll in, pay for, and fully participate in a course on a noncredit basis.


3.1 Method

3.2.1 Students must obtain approval from the instructor of the course and from the registrar’s office before they may audit a course.

3.2.2 After registering to audit a course, students may not change during that same semester to credit status for that course. However, students may change from credit status to audit status no later than the twelfth day of classes in a long semester or the end of the third day in a summer, winter, or May session. 

3.2.3 Students auditing courses will pay regular tuition and all other applicable fees as set forth in the college catalog.

3.2.4 Students who pass an audited course will receive an AU on their transcripts. For more information please refer to PS 03.A.04, Grading System policy. If the student does not pass the course, no record of the course will appear on the transcript. 


See Section 3 for procedures. 


There are no exhibits associated with this policy.


Responsible Party (Reviewer): Senior Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs and Provost 

Review: Every five years, or as necessary

Signed original on file in Human Resources.


Issue #3: 02/06/1987

Issue #4: 02/27/2015

Issue #5: 06/22/2015

Issue dates for previous versions are not available.


PS 03.A.04, Grading System policy