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PS-01.B.01 - Traffic and Parking Policy

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EFFECTIVE DATE: February 18, 2022


PRESIDENT:  Dr. Loren J. Blanchard


This policy statement is established by the University of Houston-Downtown (UHD) to facilitate the conduct of University business and to provide parking as conveniently as possible within the space limitations. Operation of a motor vehicle on the campus is a privilege and is conditioned, in part, on compliance with this policy. 


2.1 Alumni: an individual with a university status as a UHD graduate. 

2.2 Faculty: Employees of the University defined by PS 10.A.19.

2.3 Retiree: An individual who has retired from the university. 

2.4 Staff: benefits-eligible employees of the University, excluding Faculty. 

2.5 Student: an individual enrolled in any class at UHD, excluding a benefits-eligible employee of the University. 

2.6 Part-time/Temporary Employee: An employee employed in a position of short duration (less than four and one-half continuous months), intermittent in nature, or a position where it is clearly impractical to employ an individual on a continuing basis for more than four and one-half, continuous months. 

2.7 Visitor: An individual who does not have a university status as a faculty, staff, student, or alumni. 


3.1 General Guidelines 

3.1.1 All faculty, staff, part-time/temporary employees, students, retirees, and alumni, who park vehicles on UHD property must display a valid parking permit. A parking permit signifies an individual has been granted the privilege of parking on university property. Ownership of the permit remains with the University. Individuals are not allowed to transfer the ownership of the permit. All lost permits and gate access cards shall be returned to the Parking & Transportation Services (P&TS) Office. Possession or use of a lost, forged, or altered permit shall result in an administrative or student referral and may result in a criminal charge. Faculty, staff, part-time/temporary employees, students, alumni, retirees, and visitors must comply with UHD rules and regulations for traffic and parking, as described in this policy. Violators will be subject to traffic and parking enforcement actions described in Section 4.4.5. 

3.1.2 Students, faculty, and staff visiting from other UH System universities may park in surface parking lots with a current parking permit from their respective university properly displayed on the vehicle. 

3.1.3 Guest and visitors parking is available in the Visitor parking level of the Girard Street Garage. A flat fee is assessed for Visitor parking after 30 minutes. 

3.1.4 UHD makes every effort to protect vehicles parked on the campus or on properties under its control. However, the University cannot assume responsibility for any damage or loss of motor vehicles or personal property contained in any motor vehicle parked on campus or on properties under its control. 

3.1.5 All thefts, accidents, incidents, property damages, or any offenses must be reported immediately to the UHD Police Department. 


4.1 Permit Types 

4.1.1 Student parking permits are sold to registered students at UHD. Students are allowed to park in any available parking space in UHD student parking lots or student garage assigned by the permit type. 

4.1.2 Faculty and staff parking permits are sold to employees of UHD. Faculty and staff are allowed to park in any available parking space in UHD parking lots or garages assigned by the permit type. 

4.1.3 Adjunct Faculty permits are sold to part-time faculty teaching less than 1.00 FTE. Adjuncts are allowed to park in any available parking space in UHD parking lots or garages. The Adjunct Faculty parking permit is not eligible for payroll deduction. 

4.1.4 Part-time Staff and Temporary Employee permits are sold to employees who work a minimum of 20 hours a week or are hired through a staffing agency. 

4.1.5 Disabled parking permits are issued to faculty, staff, or students who own a valid state disabled placard or license plate. Disabled parking privileges are for the benefit of the disabled license plate holder and UHD disabled permit holder only. To park in an ADA space on campus, students, faculty and staff must have a state-issued ADA placard or license plate (permanent or temporary) along with a valid UHD disabled permit. Parking is available for persons with disabilities in all garages for a standard fee. 

Temporary disabled parking permits are issued to anyone with a temporary disability (broken leg, back surgery, etc.) upon submitting appropriate documentation from their physician to P&TS stating the nature and expected duration of the disability, and the need for disability parking privileges will be required before authorization will be granted. Temporary disabled parking privileges are for the benefit of the permit holder only. Individuals requiring temporary disabled parking, but not currently owning a valid parking permit, must purchase a current parking permit based on the standard fee for a garage or parking lot permit. A UHD temporary disabled parking permit must be displayed when parked in a disabled parking space on campus. 

4.1.6 Veterans with disabled veteran license plates are exempt from the payment of parking fees. 

4.1.7 Motorcycle and mopeds must have a valid permit to park in designated motorcycle parking spaces on campus. Parking spaces for motorcycles and mopeds are individually marked for one motorcycle/moped permitted per space. Motorcycles and mopeds are prohibited from parking in vehicular parking spaces. Motorcycles and mopeds must display the parking decal in a location that allows it to be visible at all times. Suggested locations are on a fender, gas tank, and windshield. 

4.1.8 Reserved parking permits are available to Academic Department Chairs, Associate/Assistant Deans, Deans, Associate/Assistant Vice Presidents, and Vice Presidents. Reserved parking permits are available to Executive Directors contingent upon reserved parking space availability. Executive Directors will be placed on a wait list for a reserved parking space. Due to the nature of their jobs, select employees may be assigned a reserved parking space. Exceptions require approval from the respective divisional vice president and the Vice President for Administration and Finance and contingent upon reserved parking space availability. 

4.1.9 30-year benefits-eligible faculty and staff are entitled to an annual complimentary unreserved garage parking permit. 

4.1.10 UHD Alumni may purchase a part-time parking permit to park in any UHD student surface parking lot during the day and parking garage after 4:30pm. 

4.2 Parking Permit Guidelines

4.2.1 Parking privileges are for the exclusive use of the registered holder of the permit. Permits are valid only if purchased from P&TS. Permits may not be resold or transferred between individuals. 

4.2.2 Purchasing a parking permit does not guarantee a parking space but allows the individual to park if space is available. 

4.2.3 The parking permit must be clearly visible and suspended from the inside rear view mirror of the vehicle with the parking permit number facing the windshield or displayed in the lower or upper left hand corner of the windshield. If the hanging parking permit interferes with the driver’s vision, it should be removed while driving the vehicle. 

4.2.4 Parking permits are transferable between vehicles and not between individuals. 

4.2.5 All lost parking permits and gate access cards must be reported to the P&TS Office as soon as possible. All found parking permits and gate access cards must be returned to the P&TS Office. Possession or use of a lost, forged, or altered parking permit shall result in an administrative referral and may result in a criminal charge. 

4.2.6 Parking permit refunds (full or prorated) can be processed once the parking permit is returned. Refund amounts are based on the university’s refund dates and percentages. 

4.3 Parking Standards 

4.3.1 Parking is governed by markers and traffic signs and is permitted only in such areas clearly identified for parking. A valid parking space is an area designated on three sides by lines, posts, curb or any other type of barrier. 

4.3.2 The absence of “No Parking” signs and/or marked lines on the pavement does not imply that parking is allowed. 

4.3.3 Drop-off/Pick-up parking spaces are strictly for the use of dropping off and picking up of passengers. There is a 10-minute limit for the use of these parking spaces. Vehicles left unattended may be issued a citation. 

4.3.4 Standard traffic laws apply on the UHD campus: 

i. Pedestrians will be given the right of way at all times. 

ii. Speed limits are as follows: 

a. 10 miles per hour on campus unless otherwise posted;

b. 10 mile per hour in any parking lot; and 

c. Five miles per hour in any parking garage on campus. 

4.3.5 Citations may be issued for the following violations: 

a. Parking permit not properly displayed; 

b. Parking without a valid permit; 

c. Falsifying, reproducing or altering a permit; 

d. Parking in a non-designated area; 

e. Parking in a "NO PARKING" zone; 

f. Unauthorized parking in a “RESERVED," "HANDICAP," "VISITOR," or “CONSTRUCTION" parking area; 

g. Obstructing traffic, street, sidewalk, crosswalk, driveways, trash container(s) and/or building entrance or exits; 

h. Parking in a striped zone; 

i. Parking a vehicle in such a way that parking other vehicles is impaired or where such parking creates a potential hazard; 

j. Parking in a "TOW AWAY ZONE”; 

k. Parking by a fire hydrant or in a "FIRE ZONE”; 

l. Failing to yield right of way to pedestrians changing, moving or damaging any UHD traffic sign, signal, or parking equipment; removing citations from other vehicles; 

m. Disobeying traffic directions of Police personnel; 

n. Failure to pay attention to traffic signs or lawfully erected barricades; and 

o. Other violations as defined on the face of the citation. 

4.3.6 The registered parking permit holder is at all times responsible for the vehicle in which the parking permit is displayed. Citations will be issued to the registered parking permit holder or registered owner of the vehicle, regardless of who operates the vehicle. In the event the vehicle is not registered with PT&S, Texas Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Records will be used to determine responsibility. 

4.3.7 Parking and traffic fines will be set by the Vice President for Administration and Finance based upon recommendations made by the UHD Parking & Transportation Advisory Committee and forwarded to the President for approval. Parking and traffic fines can be found on the Parking and Transportation Services website

4.3.8 Procedures for resolving parking citations are as follows: 

i. Payments or citation appeals made within ten (10) calendar days of issuance of a citation will result in a fine reduction of 50 percent. 

ii. Credit card payments or citation appeals can be made via the PT&S parking portal. Cash or check payments can be made in the P&TS Office. 

iii. The Vice President for Administration and Finance shall provide an equitable and efficient appeals process through the Parking and Violations Appeals Committee. The citation appeal process is intended to provide an objective process for the presentation of information regarding the receipt of a parking citation. The Parking and Violations Appeals Committee shall be comprised of two students, two faculty members, three classified staff and one professional/administrative staff appointed by the Provost. 

iv. The fine amount will double for citations unpaid after ten (10) calendar days from the date issued. 

v. Unresolved citations will be considered delinquent and further action may be taken, such as restriction of subsequent academic registration at UHD, the holding of a diploma, and the suspension of campus parking privileges. Permits will not be sold or issued to anyone who has an outstanding balance on their parking account. Employees may also reference institutional policy PS 05.A.23, Employee Financial Responsibility, for more information.


Responsible Party (Reviewer): Chief of Police and Assistant Director of Parking and Transportation Services

Every three years on or before May 1 st .

Signed original on file in Human Resources. 


Issue #1: 04/24/94 

Issue #2: 01/18/00 

Issue #3: 09/01/07

Issue #4: 08/17/15

Issue #5: 1/10/22


PS 10.A.19, Tenured & Tenure Track Academic Appointments

PS 05.A.23, Employee Financial Responsibility