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More About the UHD Senate

UHD Main Building

BACKGROUND: University of Houston-Downtown College (UH/DC) — 1974 to 1983

November 1977 – UH/DC Faculty Association proposes forming a faculty senate;
January 1978 – The constitution was drafted;
February 1978 – UH/DC Faculty Association moves to create the faculty senate;
April 28, 1978 – The faculty senate holds its first election;
May 1, 1978 – The faculty senate holds its first run-off election;
May 5, 1978 – The faculty senate elects its first faculty senate president;
May 23, 1978 – The faculty senate introduces its first meeting schedule;
October 4, 1978 – Staff lounge room 484 converted to the first faculty senate office;
April 26, 1983 – UH/DC becomes The University of Houston-Downtown (UHD);

UHD Senate Members 

SENATE MEMBERSHIP consists of four officers (president, president-elect, past president, and senate secretary) plus elected representatives from all four colleges and their academic departments.

Current senate has 29 senators and four senate officers;
Full senate meets every 1st and 3rd Tuesday during the fall and spring;
Quorum equals 60% of the total senate membership;
All members of the faculty assembly may attend and participate in discussions at the regular senate meetings, but only senators may propose motions and vote.