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Travel Booking Procedures

To help facilitate your travel reservation process, please follow the booking procedures below:

  • When you are first inquiring about travel, please complete and submit a Travel Information Request (TIR Form) to:
  • The Travel Office will research your request and send back an email quote with options, if available, to meet your travel needs. Note: These travel options are not ticketed nor confirmed and there is no obligation. We are providing travel information only at this point.
  • After receipt of the email, the traveler/travel requester needs to complete a Travel Request Form (TR Form) along with the selected travel arrangements attached. TR must be submitted to the various departments for the authorized approval signatures. Note: The Travel Office cannot issue airline tickets or confirm rental car/hotel reservations without an approved TR. Rates are subject to availability when approved TR is received.
  • Upon receipt of the TR, the Travel Office will confirm all travel arrangements. Airline tickets, if any, will be issued and the traveler/travel requester will receive an invoice via email, (eInvoice), with his/her confirmed travel itinerary. Hotels and car rentals will be confirmed. Alternate options will be provided if rooms are no longer available. A copy of the approved and signed document will be emailed to the department contact when a PO# is issued.
  • Upon completion of the trip, complete a Travel Voucher and submit to the Travel Auditor via workflow in PeopleSoft. 

Authorized TR must be submitted before any travel commences regardless of whether or not the Travel Office is making reservations.