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Voucher Processing

The Accounts Payable office processes vouchers that are initiated in either Accounts Payable or in UHD departments.

Purchase Order Vouchers are generated in Accounts Payable and are "copied" from Purchase Orders that have been distributed in the PeopleSoft Purchasing Module. The PO Technician has numerical Purchase Order files that include the department's approved requisition and the File Copy of the Purchase Order generated by the Purchasing Department. These files are ready to be processed when all of the documents are received to complete what we call the "3-Way Match". These 3 documents are:

  1. Approved Purchase Order that has been received from the Purchasing Department
  2. Receiving Report that confirms that merchandise ordered has been received as a partial shipment or in full, meets requirements and includes signature of the departments receiving party/merchandise inspector or from Central Receiving, with received dates and quantities received as approval for payments
  3. Vendor's invoice

Please note that the Receiving Reporting is the time-sensitive documentation that drives whether or not late payment interest will be generated with the payment. It is imperative that the Receiving Report be approved and forwarded, without delay, to the Purchasing Department.

Departmental Purchase Vouchers (NON-PO) are those vouchers that are created by departmental personnel. After certifying signatures are obtained, these vouchers are forwarded to the Accounts Payable Office to be audited and approved into PeopleSoft.