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PeopleSoft Financial System Training

Office of Business Affairs offers monthly scheduled General Ledger PeopleSoft training sessions for new employees. Topics covered include the following:

Intro to PS 9.1 Finance

An overview of the basic navigational layout of the PeopleSoft Finance System 9.1. Instructs user on how to run reports needed to do cost center verification and inquiries to check budget availability. A review of the cost center structure and other financial concepts are also covered.  The UHD Accounting department should be contacted to request access to the finance system.

Understanding the 1074 Report

A detailed review of the sections of the 1074 report to understand budget availability and how transactions affect the budget. This training covers all sections of the 1074 report including the format, structure, and content.

Cost Center Verification

Prerequisite: Intro to PS 9.1 Finance

The user must be familiar with how to run the 1074 report and the structure of this report. Detailed instructions are provided in this class on the procedures for completing the monthly Cost Center Verification as required by University policy. It is highly recommended that the training "Understanding the 1074 Report" be completed prior to this course.