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GatorCash Incentive Dollars Program

Welcome to the GatorCash Incentive Dollars Program

The GatorCash Incentive Dollars program is designed to assist UHD Faculty/Staff and Students with the cost of dining on campus. By loading one of the predetermined GatorCash Incentive Dollars options on your Gator Card, you will receive between $10 and $50 in GatorCash Incentive Dollars.   

UHD members will have the opportunity to purchase a GatorCash Incentive Dollars option with a credit card.  GatorCash Incentive Dollars can be used at the Academic Building Food Court, Starbucks, SciTech Café, and the Food Trucks at the Science and Technology Building.

GatorCash Incentive Dollars are valid for the academic year they were purchased and will automatically roll over from one semester to the other.    


GatorCash Incentive Dollars Options

  Amount You Pay Incentive Dollars* Total GatorCash

Option 1 (designed for those eating on campus once per week) $130 $10* $140

Option 2 (designed for those eating on campus twice per week) $260 $20* $280

Option 3 (designed for those eating on campus three times per week) $385 $35* $420

Option 4 (designed for those eating on campus four per week)


* Unused GatorCash Incentive Dollars are non-refundable and expire at the end of the academic year issued.


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