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Gator Card Terms and Conditions

The Gator Card is the official University of Houston-Downtown (“University” or “UHD”) identification card for all students, faculty, staff, alumni and special program participants. The card is required identification for all active members of the UHD community. Use and acceptance of the card indicates agreement to the following terms and conditions that govern its use:

  1. The Gator Card entitles the cardholder to all privileges associated with the cardholder’s classification.

  2. The Gator Card entitles the cardholder to flex privileges. A flex account is assigned to all cardholders upon issuance.

  3. Rights and privileges associated with the card are non-transferable.

  4. Rights and privileges associated with the card are contingent upon active status as a student, faculty, staff or special program participant. The cardholder shall immediately notify the University Business Services office in the event cardholder’s active status changes.

  5. The card must be carried at all times and presented to any UHD official upon request.

  6. Photo images captured for the Gator Card account become part of the cardholder’s University record and may be used for official University business in accordance with applicable laws.

  7. University will disclose cardholder information to third parties only as required by law, or with cardholder’s written permission.

  8. Cardholder will have responsibility for reporting and replacing lost, stolen or damaged cards in a timely fashion.


Reporting Obligation for Lost, Stolen or Replacement Cards & Photos; Unauthorized Use

Notice of lost/stolen cards or of unauthorized card use should be reported immediately by phone, or in person to University of Houston-Downtown, University Business Services Office, One Main Street, Suite S910, Houston, Texas 77002-1014. The phone number is (713) 221-8004. Business hours are 8:00 am – 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday.  

  1. The card replacement fee is payable by cash or debit/credit at the time of re-issuance.

  2. Until the card is reported lost or stolen the cardholder may be responsible for all transactions made with the card, as further described below.

  3. If there is no cardholder image/photograph on file with the University Business Services Office, the cardholder is required to present a photo ID when requesting a replacement card.  


Cardholder Financial Responsibilities

Cardholders are encouraged to protect their card just as they would protect cash and to keep the card in a secure place at all times.

  1. If the cardholder reports a lost or stolen card within two business days after the loss or theft, the cardholder’s responsibility for losses due to another party’s misuse of the lost or stolen card will be no more than $50.

  2. If the cardholder fails to report a lost or stolen card within two business days after the loss or theft, the cardholder’s maximum responsibility for losses due to another party’s misuse of the lost or stolen card will increase to $500.

  3. If the cardholder fails to report a lost or stolen card within 60 days after the loss or theft, the cardholder's liability for losses due to another party's misuse of the lost or stolen card will be unlimited.

  4. GatorCash balances are non-refundable.

  5. GatorCash balances will continue to roll over from one semester to the next semester.

  6. Any monetary balance on the Gator Card is refundable under the following conditions:

  • Damaged Cards: Immediate transfer of the remaining balance from a damaged card to the new card will be made at the time of reissuance. Damaged cards must be relinquished to the University Business Services Office.

  • Lost or Stolen Cards: Subject to the terms of this agreement, remaining balances from  lost or stolen cards will be transferred immediately to the new card at the time of reissuance.

  • Closed Accounts:  Individuals may request to close their account at any time. There is a processing fee for closing an account with a balance of $5 or more; balances less than $5 are nonrefundable. Cash withdrawals or refunds are not permitted.  All requests to close an account must be made in person in the University Business Services Office.

  • Cardholder forfeits any monetary balance remaining on the Gator Card after one year of inactivity.


Entitlement to a Receipt, Account History

If a point-of-sale terminal used by cardholder is equipped to provide a receipt, cardholder will receive a receipt at the time of using the card or emailed to the address on cardholder’s PeopleSoft account. Cardholder may view account history through the OneCard website. 


Error Resolution Procedures

If cardholder believes there is a discrepancy with a transaction related to his/her Gator Card, or would like more information about a transaction listed on an activity report or receipt, cardholder shall immediately contact the University Business Services Office at (713) 221-8004 or in writing to If cardholder makes such a request over the phone or in-person, cardholder will be required to provide a written statement. This statement will include: cardholder name and PeopleSoft ID#; a description of the transaction in question and a thorough explanation of the alleged discrepancy; the date, time and location where the alleged error took place; the dollar amount of the transaction; and a phone number where the cardholder can be reached during the day.

The University Business Services Office must receive inquiry requests from the cardholder no later than five business days after an alleged discrepancy appears on the cardholder’s account. The office will generally complete investigations within ten business days after receiving the notice. If an error is found, it will be promptly corrected. The office will send a written explanation to the cardholder following completion of the investigation.

Governing Law; Venue. This agreement will be governed by the laws of the State of Texas without regard to choice of law principles. The parties consent to the jurisdiction of the federal and state courts in Harris County, Texas, over any proceeding initiated with respect to the enforcement or interpretation of this agreement.