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How Does GatorCash Work?

GatorCash is a University of Houston-Downtown (UHD) debit account and is an easy-to-use, cashless form of payment. This account functions just like a traditional debit card but can only be used at on-campus locations. All UHD students, faculty, and staff have a GatorCash account on their GatorCard. However, the account only becomes active when money is deposited.

Benefits of Using GatorCash

  • Dollar-to-Dollar
  • No credit card fees
  • Provides security and convenience
  • No need to carry cash on campus
  • On Campus Food Purchases
  • UHD Food Court (Academic Building)
  • Starbucks (Academic Building)
  • SciTech Cafe (Science & Technology Building)
  • UHD Food Trucks
  • Continuous Roll Over (until graduation or departure from University)

How Does GatorCash Work?

You only need to add funds to your account by using our Gator Card Web Portal! and clicking the Make a GatorCash Deposit button on the left menu panel.