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Health Professions Advisory List

Health Professions Advisory Faculty​

Current Members: M. Gabriela Bowden (Chair), Linda Dune, Connie Kang, Lisa Morano, Adriana Visbal​

Medicine (Osteopathic & Allopathic), Physician Assistant:
​All Members
Dentistry, Dental Hygiene, Dental Assist: Dr. Lisa Morano
Veterinary Medicine: Dr. Maria Bowden (HPAC Chair)
Nursing: Dr. Linda Dune (Director RN-BSN)
Public Health:
Dr. Adriana Visbal
Optometry:Dr. Yuanyuan (Connie) Kang
Dr. Elda Rueda
Pharmacy:Dr. Elda Rueda
Health Professions: Clinical Laboratory Science, Cytogenetic Technology, Diagnostic Imaging,
Diagnostic Sonography, Health Care Disparities, Diversity and Advocacy, Medical
Dosimetry, Molecular Genetic Technology, Radiation Therapy, Physical Therapy, etc.
Dr. Maria Bowden (HPAC Chair)
Health Prof: HistotechnologyDr. Adriana Visbal
Health Prof: Genetic counselingDr. Yuanyuan (Connie) Kang
Other Dr. Maria Bowden (HPAC Chair)

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