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Integrate Requirements



The degree plan selected by an individual UHD student will have mandatory integrated requirements for all Natural Science (NS) Majors. The requirements include both ethical/moral issues (E) and a writing (W) course. Here NS has outlined the approved upper-level courses that integrate an element to engage UHD students in approaching ethical or moral issues. Similarly, the below list outlines writing courses that will reinforce written communication through assignments related to the course subject matter.

Ethics and Moral Issues "E" Course Requirements

ADM 3308
Business Ethics
BIOL 3308
Cancer Biology
BIOL 4210
Biology Seminar
BIOL 4260
Environmental Laboratory and Field Studies (crosslisted CHEM & GEOL 4260)
BIOL 4303
Human Genetics
BIOL 4360
Environmental Biology
BIOL 4344
Principles of Pharmacology and Toxicology (crosslisted CHEM 4344)
CHEM 3320
Environmental Chemistry
CJ 3311
Ethics of Social Control
GEOL 3303
Environmental Geology
GEOL 3310
HIST 3303
Modern American Social Protest
MBIO 3340
Environmental Microbiology
MBIO 4210
Microbiology Seminar
MBIO 4310
Microbial Biotechnology
PHIL 3301
Moral Issues, Personal & Professional
PHIL 3302
Philosophy of Science
PHIL 3322
World Religions
POLS 3306
Social Inequality


Writing “W” Course Requirements

All upper-level ENG courses except 3318, 3319, 3320, 3330, 3331, 4318, 4322

BIO 3102
General Ecology Laboratory
BIOL 4230
Advanced Laboratory in Cell and Molecular Biology
BIOL 4232
Cell Biology Laboratory
BIOL 4301
Evolution of the Earth and its Inhabitants (crosslisted GEOL 4301)
BIOL 4310
BIOL 4340
Animal Behavior
CHEM 4140
Biochemistry Laboratory
CHEM 4362
Advanced Inorganic Chemistry
GEOL 3305
GEOL 3340
Inorganic Geochemistry (crosslisted CHEM 3340)
GEOL 4401
MBIO 4120
Immunology Laboratory
MBIO 4140
Medical Microbiology Laboratory
PHYS 3402
Thermal Physical Properties of Materials (crosslisted CHEM 3402)

Additional courses may count, but they must be petitioned through CST Advising in N724 and approved by the Chair of the Natural Sciences Department.