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Schedule of Upper Level Life Sciences BIOL MBIO SUST Courses

Schedule of Upper-Level Life-Sciences
(BIOL, MBIO and SUST) Courses​

In selecting a degree plan, a UHD student will want to consider the offering of upper-level (UL) life science courses including; Biology (BIOL), Microbiology (MBIO), and Sustainability (SUST). Each degree at UHD has outlined UL courses that are required for specific Majors and Minors conferred at graduation. It is important to note that all UL courses are not offered each semester, so the Natural Science (NS) Department maintains a schedule for the minimum occurrence of when UL science courses will be offered. When a student is planning their last semesters at UHD, we suggest consulting the scheduled course offerings to ensure timely graduation.


Course Offered Every Semester

BIOL 4311
Biology Seminar
BIOL 4320
Cell Biology
BIOL 3306
Biological Evolution
BIOL 3306
Biological Evolution
MBIO 3320
MBIO 4311
Microbiology Seminar
MBIO 4320/4120
Immunology and Lab
SUST 4301
Seminar in Sustainability


Courses Offered Fall Semester

BIOL 3305/3105
Human Anatomy and Lab
BIOL 3307/3107
Introduction to Neuroscience and Lab
BIOL 3304/3104
Developmental Biology and Lab
BIOL 3308
Cancer Biology
BIOL 3330/3130
Plant Biology and Lab
BIOL 4220
Introduction to Genomics and Bioinformatics
BIOL 4230
Adv. Lab. In Cell & Molecular
Environmental Laboratory and Field Studies
BIOL 4340
Animal Behavior
Principles of Pharmacology and Toxicology
MBIO 3340
Environmental Microbiology
MBIO 4340/4140
Medical Microbiology and Lab


Courses Offered Spring Semester

BIOL 3340/3140
Biology of Fungi and Lab
BIOL 4303
Human Genetics
BIOL 3302/3102
General Ecology and Lab
BIOL 3310/3110
Plant Identification and Lab
BIOL 3320/3120
Human Physiology and Lab
BIOL 4232
Cell Biology Lab
BIOL 4310/4110
Histology and Lab
BIOL/MBIO 4313/4113
Parasitology and Lab
BIOL 4330
Molecular Biology
BIOL 4360
Environmental Biology
MBIO 4310
Microbial Biotechnology
MBIO 4330
Microbial Genetics
BIOL 4380
Field Experience in Biology
BIOL 4290
Special Topics in Wildlife Biology