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Center for Urban Agriculture and Sustainability

Center for Urban Agriculture and Sustainability

The University of Houston–Downtown established the Center for Urban Agriculture and Sustainability (CUAS) in with the vision of providing Houston citizens with the knowledge and resources to build sustainable neighborhoods throughout the city. CUAS is committed to developing sustainable solutions and raising student awareness in order to create stable urban ecosystems, engage community participation in sustainability, and increase urban food production.


The mission of the CUAS is to create and support sustainable neighborhoods throughout Houston by engaging UHD and the external community in teaching, research and professional development and promoting best practices in business, technology, science, and engagement.


  1. Support teaching of agriculture and sustainable practices relevant to living in an urban environment through a new curriculum at UHD and teaching of practical skills to UHD students through engagement with the Houston community. 
  2. Support academic research related to optimization of agriculture and food distribution in urban settings. 
  3. Support research projects that evaluate sustainable business and scientific practices in urban settings which would include topics such as conservation of resources, maintaining biodiversity and reducing the impact of climate change while supporting economic growth. 
  4. Serve as a hub to organize sustainability and urban agricultural initiatives and service opportunities both at UHD and throughout the greater Houston community.
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Lisa Morano, Ph.D.

Sustainability Coordinator:
Adriana Penabad

Sciences & Technology Building
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Houston, TX 77002