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Criminal Justice - University of Houston-Downtown

  • cj students tour air support division

    Criminal Justice Students Participate in Air Support Division Tour

  • france

    Criminal Justice Professor Presents at Conference in France

  • houston public media

    Why is Prison Spending Outpacing Education Spending in Texas?

  • Houston Matters

    Associate Professor Kevin Buckler joins Houston Matters to discuss the potential gaps in the reporting of officer related shootings

  • criminal justice professor tours jail

    UHD Criminal Justice Professors Welcome Taiwanese Correctri

  • reentry project

    UHD Students Assisting Former Inmates with Reentry into Workforce, Society

  • rebecca pfeffer

    UHD Researcher Partners with HPD to Identify Indicators of Human Trafficking

    More than two million people live in Houston. In spite of the number of people who live and work in the city, a segment of its population remains largely invisible.

  • Criminal Justice Student Maria Bitgood Participates in the Student Research Conference

    ​Pictured with CJ faculty Ashley Blackburn

Criminal Justice

The mission of the Department is to prepare students for public service careers in the fields of criminal justice and social work. In furtherance of this mission, the faculty recognize the connection between excellence in education, research, scholarship, and service with applied, theoretical, and policy relevance. Thus the Department strives to provide students with knowledge, skills and values that are sufficient to serve in social service and criminal justice systems, prepare them for professional and managerial careers as well as research and advanced study.

Undergraduate Studies

Graduate Studies

Criminal Justice Training Center

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UHD Department of Criminal Justice
1002 Commerce Street Commerce Building Suite 340
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Phone: 713-221-8943

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