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  • elizabeth gilmore

    What to do when you get pulled over? Que hacer cuando te para la policia?

    ​Dr. Elizabeth Gilmore speaks with Go Neighborhoods-Northside Houston about police relations. 

  • criminal justice alumni Henry Gonzales

    Alumni Success Stories

    ​Alumni Henry Gonzales is appointed Executive Director/Chief Juvenile Probation Officer of the Harris County Juvenile Probation Department

  • Dr. Wang met with CPU President Tia O Chien Sheng

    Criminal Justice Faculty Creating Global Connections

    ​Dr. Hsiao-Ming Wang and Dr. Judith Harris visited Jiangsu Police Institute (JSPI) in Nanjing, China May 10-14. 

  • prison education

    Prison Education: How Programs Are Taking Education Beyond Bars

    ​Associate Professor Krista Gehring speaks with Houston Matters. 

  • officer related shooting

    Associate Professor Kevin Buckler joins Houston Matters to discuss the potential gaps in the reporting of officer related shootings

  • prison spending criminal justice

    Why is Prison Spending Outpacing Education Spending in Texas?

Criminal Justice

The mission of the Department is to prepare students for public service careers in the fields of criminal justice and social work. In furtherance of this mission, the faculty recognize the connection between excellence in education, research, scholarship, and service with applied, theoretical, and policy relevance. Thus the Department strives to provide students with knowledge, skills and values that are sufficient to serve in social service and criminal justice systems, prepare them for professional and managerial careers as well as research and advanced study.

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