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College News - March 2018

- Nina Barbieri has been nominated for the Lynton Award for early career faculty who use community engagement to enhance student learning. Her application packet is due June 1st

- Angela Goins manuscript, “Geriatric Social Work Education: An Historical Perspective on the Social Response to Aging,” was accepted for publication with the Journal on Aging and Social Change. This is the first part of her dissertation for her doctoral work. 

- Diane Miller has been selected to receive the 2018 McGraw Hill Distinguished Scholar Award. The objective for this award is to provide recognition to able scholars who have shown longstanding participation in research conferences. 

- Kevin Buckler appeared on a broadcast of Fox 26 News airing nationally. He discussed Houston’s plans to increase its police force; 

- Shahnaz Savani’s paper, “Conversations and Skill Practice in an Online Suicide Prevention and Intervention Course” has been accepted for presentation at the 4th Annual Social Work Distance Education Conference. 

- Bernardo Pohl’s article for the Houston Chronicle, “Will magnet schools survive the HISD budget?” received recognition from the editor for the number of online downloads of the piece. The note from the editor reads, “I should tell you that the piece has done exceptionally well in terms of web traffic; it’s been one of the most-read stories all week. So, thanks very much for writing something so impactful.”

- Judith Harris’ nomination of Dr. Whitney Threadcraft-Walker as the first keynote speaker to represent the social sciences at the UHD Student Research Conference was accepted and Dr. Harris will introduce Criminal Justice, College of Public Service graduate Dr. Threadcraft-Walker at the 17 Annual Student Research Conference Program on April 6, 2018. 

- Angela Goins proposal to present a poster based on her paper, “Service Learning with Older Adults  With Dementia: A Mixed Methods Study,” was accepted for presentation at the Joint World Conference on Social Work. 

- Matt Fugate ‘s chapter, “Attention Divergent Hyperactive Giftedness: Taking the Deficiency and Disorder Out of the Gifted/ADHD Label,” was published in Scott Barry Kaufman’s edited book, Twice Exceptional: Supporting and Educating Bright and Creative Students With Learning Difficulties.

- Undergraduate students in Criminal Justice, Priscilla Salas and Neyerlin Valerio have accepted Nina Barbieri’s invitation and are working with her to write a perspective piece on stranger danger (Salas) and a book review on human trafficking (Valero) for the forthcoming issue of the Journal of Family Strengths.

- Maria Bhattacharjee and Irene Chen’s proposals, “Digital Citizenship in Education,” and “Cyber Ethics Curriculum and Its Development in Schools,” have been accepted for presentation at the Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education Conference.

- Matt Fugate has been named the Awards Co-Chair for the Research and Evaluation Network of the National Association for Gifted Children. 

- In what can be termed both a recruitment and retention initiative, Stacey Bryant, Kevin Buckler, and faculty members in Criminal Justice have worked with new students eligible for the 100 Club Scholarship and have nearly doubled the amount of funding for students from $89,594.14 in Fall, Winter, Spring, 2017 to $159,269.09 in Fall, Winter, Spring, 2018!

- Pathways Program Director, Karen Palmer, will attend the 10th Annual Alliance of Hispanic Serving Institutions for Educators Best Practices Conference on the topic of Building and Sustaining Powerful Partnerships for Student Success. 

- Noe Denova, Spring, 2015 Graduate from Urban Education is working at Bonham Elementary as a Second Grade SLA teacher. He received the Bilingual Teacher of the Year Award for 2017-2018. He wrote to us, noting that the award prompted him to think of “…the great professors I had and how everything I know I learned from you…” He also noted that others from his class are doing well and they are “…so proud of being products of the Urban Education program at UHD”.

- Laura Mitchell has received approval from House of Tiny Treasures School Director, Mitzi Bartlett, to initiate the HTT and Family Literacy Project in Fall, 2018. Dr. Mitchell and UHD Students in the Urban Education Literacy Society and other student organizations will work with students and parents at the school using curriculum developed by Leigh Van Horn.  Laura Mitchell will engage a UHD student to assist her with the project and will receive a course release to support her work at the site. 

- Beverly Alford’s presentation, “Teaching our youngest: What do pre-service teachers believe about early childhood education,” was accepted for presentation at the Conference for Academic Research in Education. 

- Please congratulate Angie Goins who is a candidate for the UHD Faculty Award for Outstanding Lecturer, Judith Harris who is a candidate for the UHD Faculty Award in Teaching, and Rebecca Pfeffer who is a candidate for the UHD Faculty Award in Scholarly/Creative Activity.