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Portfolio Information

ISS 4098: Senior Portfolio for BS-ISS

Prerequisite: BS ISS major in his/her senior year (90+ credit hours)
Credit hours: 0

About ISS 4098

This non-credit requirement completes the BS IS degree. To create the portfolio, you must upload papers from your previous coursework. Ideally, these samples will be from upper level courses at UHD, but they do not have to be. Submissions may include group projects if that is what you feel is the best sample of your work or what you have easy access to upload. Writing samples submitted to the Portfolio must be written in English. Separate documents must be submitted to each assignment—i.e. one paper cannot be used to fulfill 2 assignments.

The e-portfolio has a dual purpose. First, as a graduate, you will need to have a resume for professional employment and may need supporting documents to illustrate proficiency in research and writing. Those continuing their education will be required to submit writing samples. Finally, the e-portfolio is important for program evaluation. Assessment of the ISS degree graduate is integral to maintaining an excellent program that meets the needs of the 21st century global workplace. There are three learning outcomes in the current assessment plan: writing, research and workforce preparation. The e-portfolio allows you to assemble samples of your work to demonstrate your achievement of those objectives.

Portfolio Requirements

A sample of good solid writing

Submit a final paper from an upper level class which you feel exemplifies your best work—whether it is the paper you enjoyed most writing, the paper you received the best grade, or the paper you are most proud of—really the choice is yours for this assignment. However, the sample should demonstrate college-level work and be of high quality. There is no format restriction or minimum length requirement for this assignment.  Please include the actual assignment or explain in your own words what the assignment was so readers will understand what they are reading.

Research paper

Provide a research paper from an upper-level class, which demonstrates your ability to conduct research. While there is no length requirement for this assignment, your sample must be a research paper, must employ a method of citation and must include a bibliography.  Please include the actual assignment or explain in your own words what the assignment was so readers will understand what they are reading.


Submit your current resume. Students can receive assistance through the Career Development Center (South-402) in preparing the resume if they do not have a resume already prepared. Resume Resources

Workforce Readiness

How prepared are you for the workforce? Submit either a final report from the internship/field experience (AA 4380 or ISS 4380) or a reflective essay discussing your educational experience at UHD in the BS IS program. Include how you feel the program or UHD in general has prepared you for your next step—professionally in terms of your career path and/or academically if you are continuing your education via a certification process, graduate school, law school, etc...If you have not taken AA/ISS 4380 Field Experience, then you will submit the reflective essay (500 word minimum). 

UHD Policies

Academic Honesty

Enrollment at UHD implies that the student embraces the UHD academic honesty code. This code states, “We will be honest in all our academic activities and will not tolerate dishonesty." Students not embracing this code of honor are subject to penalties in accordance with UHD's policy statement 03.31. Academic Honesty Policy - UHD Student Handbook

 Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Compliance

Whenever possible, and in accordance with 504/ADA guidelines, UHD will attempt to provide reasonable academic adjustments/auxiliary aids to students who request and require them. Please call 713-226- 5227 for more assistance.  For more information, visit the Office of Disability Services.