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Guide for Changing Majors at UHD

UHD students are able to declare their majors once they are accepted to the university. This document walks through the process of declaring Health & Behavioral Science as your major.

What is a major? A major is an area of study that is intended to provide students with specialized knowledge in a field.  

Why declare a major? There are a number of benefits to declaring a major early in your college career including increasing your chances of succeeding and graduating from UHD, connecting with faculty and students who share your interests, preparing for your career in a particular field, and getting important information needed for academic success.  

How do I know which major is right for me? You should select a major that will provide you with the knowledge, skills, and competencies that prepare you for professional work in a particular field. If you don't know what field you want to work in, then take a quick, free assessment in our Career Development Center in S402.  

Why do I need to meet with my current college advisor (if outside of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences) before I change my major to Health & Behavioral Science? Your current college wants an opportunity to meet with you and discuss why you are changing your major. This allows your college to understand how they might better address the needs of students. If you decide to change your major you must fill out a "Change of Major" form, which is available in your college's advising office. Fill out the form and submit to an advisor in your current college.  

What if I don't meet the requirements to change my major to Health & Behavioral Science? If you do not meet the requirements to change your major, you will have to remain in your current major until you are able to formally declare with CHSS. Your current advisor will be able to advise you using the "What-If" analysis in E-Services. 

How will I know that I have been accepted into the Health & Behavioral Science degree program? You will receive an email to your UHD Gator Mail account confirming your acceptance. You will need to attend a New Major Orientation. Information about the orientation will be sent to your UHD Gator Mail account.

Changing Your Major to Health and Behavioral Science

  • Visit with your current college advising staff
  • Visit
  • Click the "myUHD" link located in the top margin of the UH-D homepage
  • Click on the blue "Student E-Services" box
  • In the center column of the blue Student E-Services box, click the "My Advising & Major" link. This will open a drop-down menu with three bullets
  • Click the "Apply for a Major" link
  • Click "Continue to the login"
  • Enter your Username and Password in the textboxes provided. Your username and password are the same as those used to access UH-D Gator Mail.
  • Under the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, Bachelor of Science, select, "Health & Behavioral Science"
  • Click "Submit"
  • Complete the CHSS Change of Major Form (see Appendix A) and have it signed by a CHSS advisor 

If you receive an error message after you submit your major declaration, please email: and include your name, birth date, and intended message in the email.