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Health and Behavioral Science (HBS)

 Health & Behavioral Sciences
Bachelor of Science

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Department of Social Sciences

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The Health and Behavioral Science Program combines a liberal arts education with professional health-related experiences.  Students experience a practical, applied, and evidence-based approach to the health care system and contemporary health and wellness-related issues that affect all of us.  The B.S. Health and Behavioral Sciences offers three concentrations:

Health and Wellness

Our newest concentration prepares students to enter the $4 trillion health and wellness sector, in which the employment potential for our majors is large and notable.  In this concentration, students can prepare to work in a variety of wellness environments - corporate, fitness, lifestyle, and education.  Coursework includes Mind/Body Wellness, Physical Wellness, Behavior, Health and Wellness, and Workplace Wellness.  Learn more about Health and Wellness 

Healthcare Navigation

Students obtain the knowledge and tools necessary to assist patients in communicating with their healthcare providers, making informed health care decisions, and settings and achieving their healthcare goals.  Coursework includes Medical Terminology, Medical Case Management, Patient Advocacy, Community Health, and Health Policy. Learn more about Healthcare Navigation

Aging and Wellness

Students obtain the knowledge and tools necessary to educate aging populations about health choices, and how to improve their quality of life.  Coursework includes Aging and Wellness, Medical Case Management, Health Education, Long-Term Healthcare, and US Healthcare Payment Systems.   Learn more about Aging and Wellness

Minor in Health and Wellness

This minor focuses on human wellness, including healthy living, health and wellness education, and the psychosocial components of wellness.  UHD catalog information for the Minor

Our Student Succeed and Thrive With...

  • Student Centered Learning
    Our classes are exploration and learning venues where your contributions are valued, your ideas are heard, and your horizons are expanded
  • Exceptional Faculty
    Our faculty are leaders, innovators, and active researchers who bring contemporary issues and a scientific perspective into the classroom. 
  • Active Minds
    Our students learn to think in ways that others don't by using their lived experience, critical thinking skills, and unique perspectives to inform a deep dive into topics that are meaningful to our neighborhoods, nation, and world. 
  • Experiential Learning
    We blend internships, service learning, research and experience, and more to involve our students in real-world issues and to prepare them for careers and graduate school.

Career Options

  • Clinical Research
  • Community Health Outreach 
  • Corporate Wellness
  • Geriatric Care
  • Health Education
  • Health and Wellness
  • Patient Advocacy
  • Medical Case Management
  • Resident Wellness Management