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Accessible Documents

All content hosted on UHD web pages must be accessible. This includes linked PDF, presentations, Word and Excel documents, videos, audio, and official social media posts. 

Accessible Document Basics, Templates, Checkers

Microsoft Office 365 has a built-in accessibility checker.  You can run the checker in each application.
Note: you can have a document or presentation pass a checker but still fail Adobe PDF's accessibility checker

Accessibility for Microsoft Excel

Accessibility for Microsoft Word

Accessibility for Microsoft PowerPoint

The most common accessibility issues with PowerPoint missing slide titles and the reading order is incorrect. 
Note: If you save your PowerPoint to a PDF with these issues, it will fail Adobe Acrobat's accessibility checker every time.  

Accessibility for Microsoft Publisher

Accessibility for Microsoft Visio

Application for making diagrams

Accessibility for Adobe InDesign

Alternatives to Using Publisher or InDesign to Make PDFs for Newsletters: Adobe Express and Microsoft Sway Provide Accessible Options

Adobe Express

Adobe Express is free to use for anyone, you do not need a paid Adobe account. You will need to create an account on Adobe's site. Most Adobe Express templates are free, or you can start from a blank project.

For an online newsletter, choose "webpage" as the project. Note: Once the project (newsletter) has been published, it creates a unique link. If you return to the newsletter to make changes then re-publish, you will have a NEW link that will need to be shared.  Suggestion: Once the newsletter has been reviewed and approved, then publish the link. 

Microsoft Sway

Sway is available to all UHD staff and faculty through Office 365. Login to with your UHD credentials.  Select the dotted square in the upper left of the screen and choose "Sway" from the list of applications.  You can start with a blank project or alter the newsletter template. Sway can covert PDFs, Word documents, and PowerPoint presentations into publicly viewable websites.