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About O'Kane Theatre

The O'Kane Theatre is part of the Department of Arts & Communication and has been a part of the University of Houston-Downtown for over thirty-five years. Students, faculty, staff and alumni enjoy participation in performances on stage and working backstage. The O’Kane transcends its stage by actively bringing the transformative world of live theater to historically underserved communities. Located on the 3rd floor of One Main Building N364, its intimate setting fosters an inclusive appreciation for the dramatic arts. By featuring a diverse range of productions, the theater aims to bridge cultural gaps and instill a profound connection with the performing arts. This commitment extends beyond campus boundaries, and strives to become a beacon for communities in the local Houston area. Because these communities have often been historically disenfranchised in the realm of theatre, The O’Kane offers an up-close and personal encounter with the transformative power of storytelling.


three actors on stage take a selfie