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LatinasAchieve Mentor Spotlight

Soledad Tanner

Soledad Tanner

Latinas Achieve! [LA]: What is your current professional role?

Soledad Tanner [ST]: Professional Title/Position: Founder & CEO STC Consulting

LA: Tell us about your Educational Background.

ST: I earned a Bachelor’s in Business Administration with emphasis in Management from the Universidad Católica de Santiago de Guayaquil (Ecuador) in 1995, a Master’s in International Business (MIB) from the University of St. Thomas in 2002. I also earned a Certificate of Organizational Leadership from Rice University in 2007.

LA: What has been your most memorable/rewarding experience as a Latinas Achieve! Mentor so far?

ST: Having the privilege to impact the lives of so many Latinas and listening to one of the Latinas Achieve member share her story of dedication and triumph as a DACA student and the impact that the mentorship program had in her life. She has graduated and now she continues in her educational journey. She will be a lawyer.

LA: What has been your greatest inspiration in your work?

ST: Leading my clients in their journey of profit & productivity. Supporting the community with Business Financial Management knowledge & expertise so they can achieve the dreams, their passion and purpose.

LA: What was the most significant challenge you have faced in your career so far and how did you overcome it?

ST: As an undergraduate student in Ecuador, I dreamed of a MBA in the USA. I spoke fluent English but had not studied in a foreign language. It took a lot of hours and determination (and a dictionary) to conquer the language challenge. Also, I did not have the funds for the Master program. I applied for a scholarship through my work and the rest is history. I achieved my MIB and worked for this Global company for almost 20 years.

LA: What role do you see the next generation of Latinas playing in your profession?

ST: I see an empowered, educated, and confident next generation of Latinas Leaders and Entrepreneurs at the front of US economic development, purchasing power and sustainable success.

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