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Center for Latino Studies

Call for Applications

Emerging Scholars of Color, 2019-2020

The Center for Latino Studies at the University of Houston-Downtown, in collaboration with the Center for Critical Race Studies, is pleased to invite applications for the inaugural cohort of the Emerging Scholars of Color series. The purpose of this initiative is to showcase the work of early career scholars who self-identify as people of color and produce knowledge in areas related to Latino Studies and Critical Race Studies. We define people of color expansively to include individuals who self-identify as Black, Latino/a/x, Native/Indigenous/Aboriginal, Asian/Pacific Islander, Middle Eastern, or multi-racial. We welcome applications from advanced graduate students and recent PhDs in all academic disciplines. Special consideration will be given to scholars whose work engages Latino Studies, Mexican American Studies, Latin American Studies, Critical Race Studies, African American Studies, Africana Studies, Ethnic Studies, International Studies, Post-Colonial Studies, Women's and Gender Studies, Sexuality Studies, Disability Studies, and related fields. We particularly encourage applications from emerging scholars interested in serving minority students.

The University of Houston-Downtown is a Hispanic-serving and Minority-serving Institution in the heart of the most diverse city in the United States. More than half of our students self-identify as Latino, and nearly a quarter of our students self-identify as Black. The Centers for Latino Studies and Critical Race Studies are intentional about empowering this unique student population. The Emerging Scholars of Color series serves that goal by connecting our students to scholars and scholarship that reflect their lived experiences.

Selected applicants will spend a day at the University of Houston-Downtown, engaging with faculty, students, and administrators in a range of pedagogical and scholarly activities. Emerging scholars will design and implement an innovative pedagogical intervention for a diverse community of UHD students on a topic related to their research. They will also deliver an interactive presentation on their research to an audience of faculty in related fields. Emerging Scholars will earn a stipend of $500, have their work featured on our website, and receive constructive feedback from both students and faculty members regarding their performance. Through this exchange, emerging scholars will gain valuable experience honing their teaching demonstrations and job talks as they prepare for success in a competitive academic job market.

To apply for a place in the inaugural cohort of Emerging Scholars of Color, please email a Cover Letter, CV, Research Abstract, Teaching Proposal, along with the contact information for at least one academic reference to Dr. Bonnie A. Lucero, Director of the Center for Latino Studies at Please write "Emerging Scholars of Color" in the subject of your email. The two-page Cover Letter should follow standard academic job format by discussing your research, teaching, and service in light of the goals of the Emerging Scholars of Color series. The one-page Research Abstract should provide an overview of the argument of your research presentation and explain how it transforms existing knowledge on the subject. The one-page Teaching Proposal should outline the lesson topic for the pedagogical intervention as well as the specific strategies for engaging minority students. Applications received by July 15, 2019 will receive priority. Applications received thereafter may be considered on a rolling basis, if space is available. Offers for the Fall 2019 semester will be made on August 1.


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