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Office of the Mayor Boards and Commissions

Office of the Mayor Boards and Commissions

Organization Name
Office of the Mayor Boards and Commissions

901 Bagby, 2nd floor
Houston, TX

Organization Description

The City of Houston is assisted by groups of citizens in many ways, such as setting policy, settling disputes, aiding fellow citizens and planning for the future. These groups include boards, commissions, committees, councils, corporations, authorities, agencies, etc. The Office of Boards and Commissions is responsible for organizing and recording information regarding nearly 200 boards that benefit the City.

Description of Internship

  • Student will undertake projects regarding maintenance and/or creation of databases, containing sensitive information.
  • Administer follow-up phone, fax, and e-mail requests for information.
  • Perform complex clerical and administrative work including researching files, retrieving and filing documents.
  • Assist Director in the recruitment of potential candidates.
  • Preparing reports, maintaining files and records; document processing.
  • Answer telephone and take messages.

Criteria for Interns
All applicants for the Internship Program are required to:

  • Work at least 10 hours a week for no less than three months (Spring and Fall Semesters) or six weeks (Summer Semesters)
  • Understand the sensitivity and confidentiality of all information expressed in the office (written and oral)
  • Must have knowledge of office procedures and etiquette

Contact Name
Jackie Schuessler-Kimsey

Contact Numbers


Contact Email: