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Harris County Juvenile Probation

Harris County Juvenile Probation

Organization Name
Harris County Juvenile Probation

1200 Congress
Houston, TX 77002 

Organization Description
The Harris County Juvenile Probation Department is committed to the protection of the public utilizing intervention strategies that are community-based, family-oriented, and least restrictive, while emphasizing responsibility and accountability of both parent and child.  

Description of Internship
The Harris County Juvenile Probation Department accepts students at the undergraduate and graduate level that are interested in interning with the department for a specified period of time. Students accepted into the program will become familiar and knowledgeable with the function, organizational structure, policies and procedures of the Harris County Juvenile Probation Department.

Criminal Justice Track
Students accepted into the Criminal Justice Track will have the opportunity to rotate to various areas within the department. During their internship, they will work alongside several Juvenile Probation Officers and will be exposed to youth and their families. The student will become knowledgeable of juvenile law and the Texas Family Code.  Duties performed may include but are not limited to interviewing, treatment planning, assessments, crisis counseling, report writing, case management, information referrals, telephone contact with youth and their families, detention hearings, school follow-up, case studies, and documentation.

Education Track
Students accepted into the Education Track will work alongside classroom teachers and will be exposed to youth and the educational process within the department. Duties performed may include but are not limited to educating individual students under the direction of the classroom teacher, assisting with group/individual student activities, assisting classroom teacher with classroom materials, managing student behavior in the classroom, and conferring and planning with classroom teachers. The students will also be exposed to curriculum planning while working with the classroom instructor.

Criteria for Interns 
Due to the nature of the services provided by HCJPD, we adhere to very strict confidentiality and security policies and take extra care in screening our applicants. All candidates must follow the application process outlined below.

Candidates are required to fully complete the HCJPD internship application as well as the criminal background check form (fingerprinting required). The candidate must adhere to the following:

  • Must be 21 years of age.
  • Must be enrolled in an accredited university.
  • Must provide a letter from their internship advisor/professor stating that the internship is for class credit, the minimum required hours, and the advisor’s/professor’s complete contact information. (The candidate must complete the university required hours or a minimum of 150 hours – whichever is greater).
  • Must provide a tentative schedule and HCJPD will try to accommodate their need.
  • Must include their top 3 placement sites.
  • Must complete the Criminal Background Check form.
  • Must interview with the Internship Committee.

Adrianne Trevina, Supervisor of Psych and Social Services

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