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Chosen Clinic Internship

Chosen Clinic

Organization Name
C.H.O.S.E.N. Clinic

UT Department of Pediatrics

Organization Description
The University of Texas CHOSEN Clinic serves infants, children, and youth with severe disabilities and complex medical and social needs. The hallmark of the Clinic is moderate to severe cerebral palsy, but the Clinic also serves those with an array of rare disorders. The Clinic’s multidisciplinary team coordinates services and provides case management to help families access other services, such as PT, OT, speech, transportation, nursing, etc.

Description of Internship
Interns work with program staff in various capacities, including casework, case management, and assessment.

Criteria for Interns
Good communication skills - written and oral; Some basic computer knowledge; Creative, organized, dependable, personable, hard worker, likes working with people. Bilingual is a plus, but not a requirement. Open to all Social Science majors, but sociology and psychology majors may benefit the most from this experience.

Contact Name

Antionnette Bowens-Whitaker

Contact Number