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Center for the Healing of Racism

Organization Name
Center for the Healing of Racism

P. O. Box 27327
Houston, TX 77227

Organization Description
The Center provides several workshops to aid people to discuss racism in a format that is safe and very informative.  The Center conducts Dialog:Racism, its hallmark program three times yearly free to the general public; an 18 hour workshop format that creates a safe environment for honestly recalling experiences of racism; leads to the beginning of healing the damage done by racism. The Center also provides a Film Series: presentation of current films dealing with racism and dialog follows; consultation with educational institutions, social service, government, and other entities to address issues of racism; research into the effectiveness of Dialogs conducted by facilitators of the Center; and facilitator training and fundraising.

Description of Internship

There are a variety of areas for internships:
a.  Work with Program Director to plan, implement, and evaluate Dialog activities/programs.  Hours:  flexible, but mainly late mornings and early afternoon.  Some workshops take place in evening and some Saturdays. 
b.  Volunteer Coordinator - research and implement volunteer program including recruitment, training, monitoring, and recognition.  Hours:  flexible, but mainly daytime hours, some evenings and some weekend. 
c.  Event Planner - assist in planning and coordinating special events and fundraising activities/programs.  Hours:  flexible but mainly daytime, but some evening and some weekends.
d.  Input data on videos and books in the Center's resource libraries.
e.  Assist with ongoing evaluation project.

Criteria for Interns
Good communication skills - written and oral ( in person and on phone); Basic computer knowledge; Creative, organized, dependable, personable, hard worker, likes working with people.  Bilingual is a plus, but not a requirement. Open to social science, multicultural, and diversity oriented majors who are open to learning a broader definition of racism and a focus upon change in the individual and healing of the damage done by racism.
Minimum age 18

Contact Name

Cherry Steinwender

Contact Number


Email is the best way to reach the Center.

Please read about the Center on its website and then call and leave a detailed message describing your interests in the Center's work: