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Elysian Hospice LLC

Organization Name
Elysian Hospice, LLC

11104 W. Airport Blvd, Suite 255B Stafford, TX 77477

Organization Description
Elysian Hospice Mission Statement: The mission of Elysian Hospice, LLC, is to surround a terminally ill individual and their family with comfort and dignity through the process of death and bereavement. We are committed to providing a comprehensive program of services that will optimize a person’s quality of life when curative treatment is no longer possible.

Elysian Philosophy: All individuals matter to themselves and others from birth, through the final stages of their lives, and after death. Each individual has an inalienable right to live their life to their fullest, wherever they call home. Hospice services are an excellent stewardship for the individual and their family’s quality of life throughout the dying process as well as during bereavement. Hospice staff is committed to serving individuals in a safe environment and to be served by their spirit and teachings. We fulfill our commitment of those we serve everyday by providing comfort, dignity, and understanding.

Description of Internship
Our Internship program will provide as much patient bedside visiting as the volunteer is desiring to provide: weekly visits are helpful to patients’ well-being. Hospice patients are in nursing facilities, personal care homes, and homes. The volunteers report directly to the Volunteer Coordinator for patient assignments and in patient Plan of Care that will provide details about patient status to the IDG team (InterDisciplinary Group/Team). IDG functions to carefully analyze the monitoring of our patient care, and consists of: a physician who is the Medical Director, a Director of Nursing, RNs, LVN, CNAs, Chaplains, Social Workers and other Volunteers. As a volunteer who visits patients more frequently, their vigil provides details from a different perspective than the clinical team values; volunteer’s visits will be entered into the patient chart and become part of the Plan of Care. Volunteers will learn the art of active listening and empathic reflection, processing/debriefing of patient visits prn when visits/death become difficult or when questions arise to discuss; patient advocacy, patient agency, (definitions in practice), understanding Patient Rights, how hospice and palliative care functions in practice. Special volunteer projects include: Legacy Project, Life-Brations, Heart Reach Projects (holiday project, birthday project, Tuck In Calls (weekly), respite support, End of Life support, Memory Boards, Photo-Spirations book, Namaste Program, spiritual support, bereavement support, project development and more.

Criteria for Interns
Hospice Volunteers must be at least 18 yrs old. Volunteers must have an interest in visiting patients; being a person who is interested in others and learning about patients and their families, being respectful of nursing staff (nursing facility & hospice staff), and being willing to spend time at the bedside of those who are patients. willingness to learn about hospice patients, be empathetic, have patience with others, enthusiasm for visiting patients, bring smiles and active listening to patients in their hospice journey and transition journey into the next life, create an atmosphere of hope during this difficult time. For those interested in office work, having general computer, organizational and office assistance skills is helpful. or people.

Application, Orientation, TB test (hospice RNs available), flu shot available; criminal background check, copy of SS card, drivers license and car insurance, resume (as available), 2 references. This Internship is available to all Social Science majors.

Donna Cutting
Chaplain & Volunteer Coordinator
281-333-4358 Office
832-431-0562 cel

Contact Number
713-471-1828 cel