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Students Amy Nguyen and Yasmeen Ammourah use the center to study together

The Academic Support Center provides free math and writing services, guidance to all Gators, past or present

By Allison Nolasco

The UHD’s Writing and Reading Center and the Center for Math and Statistics Services are on the ninth floor, room N925, of the One Main Building. These services are part of the Academic Support Center, which offers assistance that students, staff, and alumni can use at no cost.

Students can schedule appointments to use the tutoring and writing center by either calling the center or setting one up on the Navigate app. The center also accepts walk-ins.

Tutors are composed of UHD faculty and students, and most are familiar with UHD course assignments.

Students can receive assistance in any writing assignment and several early degree math assignments. The tutors work with the students to edit writing assignments and/or help a student grasp various math concepts for their classes.

“We want to expand the staff members and maybe have some peer tutors, not just faculty who are tutoring,” Jema Pantoja, a UHD alum and current interim assistant director for the ASC said.

“We are trying to expand the types of writing and math we tutor. We want to expand [our resources offered to] APA, journalistic writing, how to do cover letters and resumes.”

Pantoja talked about how while all the math tutors are faculty, the writing tutors are all current or previously enrolled UHD students with undergraduate or graduate degrees, many of whom are licensed, professional tutors.

“We are always recruiting both writing and math tutors and they can find employment information on our webpage,” Pantoja added.

The expansion will benefit a lot of people. Many students are unaware of the ASC or do not know where to go.

The website for CMSS has a list of available math courses and lists the types of writing services they offer. They currently have tutors for beginner math and statistics. While there are no tutors for upper-level classes, the available tutors do their best to assist students.


The ASC is planning events to help students familiarize themselves with the center and its services. Some of the events include weekly tabling events and writing retreats. The center is also planning to do classroom visits and an open house.

“Around November, we will have a student open house where we provide food, and students can come over and visit the center. We are also planning a writing retreat. It’s a portfolio dash where students can come by with their portfolios and talk to the tutors.” Pantoja said.

The ASC is a vital resource anyone, students, or staff can use. Anyone who needs help polishing their assignment can use the writing center. If anyone needs help with math assignments, they can also go to the CMSS.

The center is there to support students. If anyone feels shy or intimidated about going to the center, the center is there to make you feel welcome.

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