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Field Experience Requirements

Consider Hiring an Intern for a Field Experience

Work req​​uirements

The employer will ensure that the students are engaged in mostly professional-level work related to their chosen major in order to receive academic credit for their work. They should be supervised by a degreed professional, preferably in the same discipline as the student who is being supervised. When in doubt about qualifying, please call Career Services and ask to speak to a career counselor.

Students must work a minimum of 120 hours to receive credit.​


Register as an employer and post a Field Experience Job with us using Jobs4Gators.

There is a one page application that will need to be filled out by the student and the employer each time there is a hire. The student will supply this application form.

The professor in charge of the student�s academic progress throughout the internship may ask the student�s supervisor to verify the hours of work performed.

The professor may ask for an evaluation of the student�s performance.​

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