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Career & Job Search Strategies

Many employers seek to hire UHD students and grads, so the Jobs4Gators career services management system is a great place to start your job search. Get your resume uploaded and approved to be able to search for jobs and internships within UHD Jobs4Gators. To do so, please click on the image or the link below.


Job Search Strategies Checklists:
Are you looking for a new job or internship? Before starting your job search, make sure you have everything prepared to be successful. Follow the Pre-Job Search Strategies Prep Checklist to get ready!

Once you’ve started your search, make sure your job hunting is on the right track by reviewing our Job Search Strategies Checklist. Take action on the checklist items you are struggling with or get help from your career coach.

UHD On-Campus Jobs:
Interested in working at the University? UHD offers Federal Work-Study (FWS), Texas Work-Study, and Part-Time (Non-FWS) positions specifically for students seeking on-campus work. Browse the list of jobs on UHD On-campus Jobs.

Career Fairs:
The UHD Career Center periodically hosts career fairs, which are events that give students and employers a chance to meet one another, establish professional relationships, and discuss potential job and/or internship opportunities. Many employers from a variety of industries attend, and there are both general and specialized career fair events. Learn how to prepare for a career fair by viewing this short video!

Company-Specific Research:
Mergent Intellect Database - Search this extensive database of companies and organizations for key information about potential employers. You can also research industries and learn about top players and industry growth indicators.
Monster Jobs - In addition to searching for a specific job, you can use Monster to conduct career research. Find company profiles, reviews, and other information.
Securities and Exchange Commission - Targeting public companies? Research SEC filings to gauge a company’s financial strength.

The largest professional network in the world, LinkedIn, will help you connect with prospective employers and UHD alumni. Your LinkedIn profile is your connection to 48,000+ UHD graduates and more than 500 million professionals in more than 200 countries. Today, about 95 percent of recruiters utilize LinkedIn as a major source to find qualified job candidates, so it’s an important tool to have in your job search.
Visit LinkedIn for Students to help get you started on your profile. Once you have your LinkedIn profile setup, your Career Coach can provide feedback on your profile and tips on how to leverage your professional network to help you land a great job. To schedule an appointment with your Career Coach, login to your Jobs4Gators account.

General Search Engines:
Career Builder
Work in Texas
Disability Talent
ZipRecruiter College Jobs
Every Nurse

Non-Profit Career Listing:
United Way Houston Job Bank

Making a Difference Through Volunteering & Nonprofit Careers

Government Career Listings:
Harris County employment site
City of Houston employment site
State of Texas posting site
Recent Graduates posting site
Federal Government posting site

Veteran Specific Resources:
Recruit Military job postings
Federal veteran employment information
Guide to Jobs for Veterans
Writing a Military to Civilian Resume
Veterans’ Guide to Job Hunting in the Civilian Market

Entrepreneur/Freelancer/Small Business Resources:
Visit the Small Business Administration for a detailed list of resources and information regarding freelancing, entrepreneurship, and starting your own business

Starting a Business

Unemployment Resources
Information about unemployment insurance resources.


Need help with your search?
Activate and set up your Jobs4Gators account profile to schedule a 30 minute appointment today!