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Congratulations on securing an interview! Here's what you need to prepare yourself.

Interview Basics:
Review the UHD Career Center Interview Presentation which includes everything from preparation, during the interview, and follow up.

Prepare answers to the list of common interview questions and practice your answers

Interview Follow-up:
Check out this sample "Thank you" Emails.

Mock Interview Guidelines - UHD Career Center

Preparation-At least a week in advance
Schedule an appointment for the practice interview.
Provide the UHD CC with: a copy of your résumé, the name of the employer and position to target in the interview; if you have an actual job description, provide that too.
Review UHD CC Interview Presentation above and check out the Ultimate Interview Guide link below.

The Day of the Practice Interview:
Dress in a suit as you would for a real interview.
Bring an extra copy of your résumé and any other documents that you believe would be helpful such as a portfolio.
Arrive 5 minutes before the interview appointment and check-in with the UHD CC front desk.

For more information, check out this Ultimate Job Interview Guide

Virtual Mock Interviewing
Practicing interviewing is essential. We now offer a mock interview module within our Jobs4Gators platform that you can access 24/7 to prepare for interviews. There are more than 50 pre-recorded mock interviews that career coaches and professionals created for general use or designed for specific jobs. The module also includes over 1,000 pre-recorded questions from which you may choose to build custom interviews. And, you may also ask your coach to provide feedback.

Activate and set up your Jobs4Gators account profile to schedule a Mock Interview appointment today!