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Career Assessment

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Career Assessment

There a variety of ways to reflect on your attributes and how they are related to potential career options. Complete assessments and schedule a meeting with your career counselor to discuss the results.

Recommended Assessment:

Focus 2 Career: Click on "Register". Enter access code: UHD Gators.

Free Assessments:

Personality, Interest and Values fit with potential careers:

MyNextMove Interest assessment with different kinds of careers you want to explore.

PrincetonReview Career styles (Expediting, Communicating, Planning, Administrating) with potential careers.

HumanMetrics Personality assessment with in-depth descriptions of your type.

Find Your Calling Find out your professional role within a particular industry.

Fee-based Assessments: (Empirically validated )

StrengthsQuest ($19.99): This assessment of strengths gives students the opportunity to develop strengths by building on their greatest talents -the way in which they most naturally think, feel, and behave as unique individuals.

MBTI ($49.95): Strengths, tendencies, perspective, decision-making style, communication style... These are all components of your nature: who you are. And when you really know yourself, possibilities open—in your job, your relationships, your life. With MBTI insights you don’t just understand and appreciate yourself better; you understand and appreciate others better as well.

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