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SI Leader in the Classroom

1) Why can’t my SI leader grade papers?

SI leaders receive online and in-person training in policies related to FERPA. This training allows them to view grades (i.e. when helping pass out graded work to students). However, SI Leaders do not receive any formal training related to grading. Furthermore, the act of grading can tarnish the “near-peer” relationship between the SI Leader and the students. For these two reasons, the SI Program does not allow SI Leaders to grade any coursework for their assigned sections.
2) Can my SI leader substitute if I need to miss lecture?

No, SI leaders are not permitted to be alone in lecture without a faculty member per UH system policy. However, the SI Leader can assist a substitute instructor if necessary. Additionally, with prior notice, the SI Leader can hold an SI study session in the Learning Connection (S-405) during class time if the class is cancelled.  

3) Can SI leaders proctor an exam?
SI leaders are not permitted to be alone in lecture without a faculty member per UH policy. However, SI Leaders can assist in proctoring with their assigned instructors during the exam. 

4) What is my SI leader expected to do in the classroom?

SI leaders are expected to be model students in the section they are assigned to. This includes doing the required preparation (reading, homework) prior to the start of class, arriving on time to class, taking notes, and asking questions. SI leaders are also expected (with their assigned instructor’s permission) to make short verbal and written announcements to the class about sessions/exam reviews. If class time involves group work or in-class assignments, the SI Leader can walk around and assist students with work. They may also hand out worksheets or graded assignments during class time.