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Council of Finance

The COF Committee is charged with the responsibility for reasonable and equitable allocation of funds to all student organizations that do not have dedicated student service fee budgets. All student organizations must follow the funding policies and procedures set by the Council of Organizations.

Council of Finance: Roles and Responsibilities

The primary charge of the COF is to review and approve Funding Proposals on behalf of the Council of Organizations. The COF is charged with the following responsibilities:

  • To execute a cohesive and coordinated process for requesting, hearing, and allocating of funds to registered student organizations;

  • To develop rubrics to evaluate and fund proposals in a consistent manner;

  • To ensure funds are used to develop, improve, and/or expand student initiated programs and services that foster student involvement, campus pride and spirit, or expanded learning opportunities;

  • To oversee the department assessment plan as it relates to student organizations and the use of funds;

  • To function as a multidisciplinary learning community that focuses on leadership and serves as a student resource to advance the visibility and engagement of registered student organizations;

  • To ensure common data reporting, fund tracking, and annual reports are developed and shared.