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COF Guidelines

The purpose of the Council of Finance (COF) Funding Guidelines is to provide guiding principles to be used in determining funding for programming and operational support for student organizations. COF communication to its stakeholders is critical for the reputation of the institution and transparency efforts. The guidelines ensure that the funding procedures are transparent, accurate, uniform, and communicated in a timely manner.

The COF Funding Guidelines establishes the process and procedure, under PS. 04. A.03 to request funds for programming, and operations to include: professional development, travel, supplies, etc. In accordance with PS. 04.A.03, the COF does not have the authority to allocate funds to individuals or departments. Student organizations must be registered and in good standing with the Office of Student Activities in order to apply for, and receive funding. Prospective student organization may request funds to support start-up cost.

Funding is allocated on a funds available basis upon review and approval of the Funding Proposal. The Funding Proposal provides the COF with a greater understanding of the student club/organization needs. The proposal requires the student organization to engage in purposeful planning, intentional budgeting and financial projections to promote fiscal responsibility.

The COF will review Funding Proposals to determine efficient and effective proposed use of resources and provide recommendations and/or adjustments to the proposed budget. The outcome of the COF review of Funding Proposals will be one of the following decisions: (1) approved funding proposal as presented, (2) approved funding proposal with modifications, or (3) funding proposal denied.