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COF Funding Application

Funding Limits and Application Process

Registered student organizations may request a maximum of $2000 annually to support on-campus event programming, professional development and/or travel. Any money awarded will be deducted from the maximum annual allowable funds.

  • Step 1: Complete and Submit Funding Proposal

    Registered student organizations must submit a COF Funding Proposal in CampusGroups to request funds. Funding proposals must be submitted by 5pm the Monday prior to a hearing. All COF Funding Proposals received after this deadline, will be reviewed at the next hearing. Please adhere to the timeframes below for proposal submissions:

    Funding proposals for on-campus events must be submitted a minimum of six (6) weeks prior to the event/program date. If the event will invite an external speaker, performer, or entertainment services, the funding proposal must be submitted a minimum of ten (10) weeks prior to the event/program. Funding proposals for professional development or travel must be submitted a minimum of eight (8) weeks prior to the first day of travel or professional development activity.

    A completed COF Funding Proposal form must have faculty/staff advisor approval before it will be reviewed. The COF Committee will only allow an organization to present a maximum of three request per hearing.

  • Step 2: Hearing Confirmation

    Once the COF Funding Proposal is complete, the COF Chair will send an email to the official UHD email of the contact listed in the original Funding Proposal with the date, time, and location of the hearing no later than 24 hours after the submission deadline. If the COF Funding Proposal is incomplete the organization will receive a notification with steps to complete and resubmit the proposal.

  • Step 3: Presentation and Review

    Student representatives are not required to be present at the COF Hearing however, one or more student representatives from the organization are encouraged to attend, present the Funding Proposal and answer any questions from the council.

  • Step 4: Results

    Upon hearing a Funding Proposal, each council member present will deliberate and vote to (1) approve funding proposal as presented, (2) approve funding proposal with modifications, or (3) deny funding proposal.

  • Step 5: Notification

    The COF Chair will notify, in writing, the contact listed in the original Funding Proposal and include the Assistant Director of Student Activities, of the final decision and the next steps in the process by the Monday after COF Hearing. The Assistant Director of Student Activities will then notify the appropriate university business office for processing. Decisions on funding proposals will be recorded and placed in the organization’s file as well as the Student Activities database. If a request is denied for reasons of insufficient information the organization may submit a revised or new request for consideration ONLY if it adheres to appropriate timeframe for the funding submission type. If denied for other reasons, a written explanation will be provided. See Step 1 under Funding Proposal Application process for details.

The COF Committee may consider cost, overall impact on the UHD community, target audience, event participation, the organization’s past programming success, scope of event, timing, ability to carry out the program, and mission of the organization when determining an approval or denial of a funding proposal.