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Leadership Legends

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The UHD Leadership Workshop Series is designed to give UHD students a chance to explore, engage and delve into different concepts of leadership in an interactive series of workshops.

Core Competencies

  • Communication - Students will communicate effectively in verbal, non-verbal, and written form.
  • Leadership - Students will cultivate leadership skills that prepare them for future roles on campus, in their communities, and in their careers.
  • Community - Students will demonstrate an awareness of individuals different than themselves and an understanding of the importance of community.
  • Professional Development - Students will participate in professional and career development opportunities in preparation for their future work environment.
  • Engagement and Collaboration - Students will build networks and relationships with members of the community to pursue a more equitable society.
  • Personal Growth and Integrity - Students will nurture their mental, social, and emotional wellbeing, while exploring their personal values.

We envision workshop sessions that support and encourage individuals to achieve their personal best while collectively leading their clubs and organizations on campus while helping all become leaders within the greater Houston community.

Each semester, students can choose from a variety of workshops to grow as an individual leader or to gain skills to cultivate growth of student organizations.  Students will need to RSVP through Campus Groups for each workshop they would like to attend. All sessions will be free to UHD students.

All sessions will be held in room C100 in the Commerce Street Building, from 12pm-1:30pm.

  • Feb 7th - An Introduction to Leadership
  • Feb 14th - The Changing Nature of Leadership / The Relational Leadership Model 
  • Feb 21st - Understanding Yourself / Understanding Others 
  • Feb 28th - Leading with Integrity 
  • Mar 6th - Being in Communities / Interacting in Teams & Groups 
  • March 20th - Understanding Complex Organizations 
  • March 27th - Understanding Change
  • April 3rd -   Strategies for Change
  • April 10th - Thriving Together
  • April 17th - Closing ceremony / PARTY!