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Elevated Visibility & Recognition

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Goal F: Elevated Visibility & Recognition

Enhance the reputation and visibility of UHD

UHD has made great strides over the last five decades in positioning itself to offer a transformative education, and that makes our story worth telling. As a driver of socioeconomic mobility, a UHD education changes our students’ lives. In addition to its impact on its 60,000+ graduates, the university also has had a hand in shaping the city’s workforce. This plan is a step toward ensuring our community and other forms of impact are visible and well defined and understood.

While a strong brand has been launched recently, we cannot rely on a single message to communicate equally compellingly across diverse audiences. Instead, we must consider ways to adapt and translate our message while not losing the essence of what the institution represents today and into the future.

By achieving the goals listed as part of this plan, we will continue building the university’s reputation, which will lead to greater recognition. However, while we might be recognized, there is still the question of employing various mechanisms for being visible, for being seen as offering one of the city’s most distinctive educations. Using data to measure the impact of our current marketing plan and learning from that assessment should move us from mere recognition to being valued as a contributor to the wellbeing of Houston residents.

  • F1
    Measure the impact of the marketing plan and include extensive stakeholder input and feedback to expand as needed based on findings.
  • F2
    Revise UHD website so it is user friendly and uniquely UHD (i.e., We are the Gators!) and promote it on various social media platforms and marketing activities to increase online engagement and visibility.
  • F3
    Establish a database of faculty and staff regarding their areas of expertise and willingness to engage in various types of media outlets to increase visibility.
  • F4
    Establish a position in each college that actively maintains all the college social media accounts to increase visibility (possibly a student worker).
  • F5
    Research UHD rankings and decide which best fit our values and directions as an institution and focus on increasing the criteria to increase rankings.
  • F6
    Develop and administer a survey to measure the public perceptions of UHD.
  • F7
    Develop a strategy and protocols for ongoing and comprehensive alumni engagement to increase partnership; hire dedicated alumni leadership to increase alumni engagement and giving.
  • F8
    Build out the ‘Buy Blue’ project.