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Copies and Printing

Copy Machines

Copy machines for single-sided black and white copies are available on all floors of the library. Copiers take change, dollar bills, and copy cards. The cost is 10 cents per page. A vending machine near the Circulation Desk on 5th Floor North makes change from $1 or $5 bills. During scheduled business hours, change is also available from the Cashier's Office in Room 310-South.

Copy machines for microfilm or microfiche are located on 5th Floor North. There is no charge for microform copies.

Copy Card Rates

Copy cards can be used to make a large number of copies at a reduced rate. The cost of a copy card is 50 cents. Cards can be purchased from a vending machine near the 5th Floor Circulation Desk by exact cash in the amounts of $1, $5, $10, or $20.

The following is a breakdown of copying charges using the copy card:

  • $1.00 gets you 10 copies
  • $5.00 gets you 60 copies
  • $10.00 gets you 125 copies
  • $20.00 gets you 255 copies
  • $40.00 gets you 455 copies

Printing from Computers

Printing is available to current UHD students, faculty, and staff, to UHD alumni, and to visitors with valid identification from Lone Star College or any University of Houston System campus. Printing is not available to visitors from other universities or to the general public.

UHD students receive a printing credit of $25.00 at the beginning of each semester. The charge to students is 5 cents per page for black-and-white and $1.00 per page for color. Students have several options for adding funds to their print accounts should they use up their initial $25.00*:

  • Add-Value Station: If a student has cash, s/he can add funds to her/his account using add-value stations here in the Library Lab or in the Academic Computing Lab (800-South).

  • Cashier's Office (310-South): Pay with cash, card, or check by submitting an add-value form to the Cashier's Office. Forms are located in the file cabinet to the right of the reference computer. Take the receipt to the Academic Computer Lab.

As a courtesy to our sister campuses, we offer printing to visitors from the University of Houston, the University of Houston-Clear Lake, the University of Houston-Victoria, and Lone Star College. We also offer courtesy printing to UHD alumni. To sign up for a printing computer, you must present a valid university identification card from one of these institutions, or a valid UHD alumni card.

* Students should note that any of the initial $25.00 left in your print account at the end of the semester DOES NOT get refunded or rolled over to the next semester. If, however, you use up that $25.00, and add additional funds and do not use them, those funds WILL get rolled over to the next semester.