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Collection Development Librarians by Subject

Contact a Collection Development Librarian if you have a question or comments about library resources (books, ebooks, films, journals, etc.) for a specific subject. 

Please feel free to suggest a purchase of resources you think the library should consider acquiring. 

Subject Collection Development Librarian
Accounting Jennifer Fuentes 
Actuarial Mathematics Jesús Serrato
Applied Administration Steve Bonario
Art Lisa Braysen
Arts Administration Merriann Bidgood
Biology Steven Ring
Business Administration Sam Weehunt
Chemistry Steven Ring
Communication Studies Merriann Bidgood
Composition Studies
Anne Zwicky
Computer Science Steve Bonario
Control and Instrumentation Engineering Technology Steve Bonario
Corporate Communication Merriann Bidgood
Creative Writing Anne Zwicky
Criminal Justice Yesenia Sanchez
Critical Race Studies Marla McDaniel
Cultural Studies Marla McDaniel
Cyber Security in Business Jennifer Fuentes
Cyber Security in Computer Science Steve Bonario
Data Analytics Jesús Serrato
Digital Media Merriann Bidgood
Drama Marla McDaniel
Economics Sam Weehunt
Electrical Engineering Technology Steve Bonario
Energy Management Sam Weehunt
Engineering Technology Steve Bonario
English Anne Zwicky
Enterprise Security in Business Jennifer Fuentes
Enterprise Security in Computer Science Steve Bonario
Environmental Sciences Jesús Serrato
Faculty Publications Steve Bonario
Film Studies Marla McDaniel
Finance Samuel Weehunt
Fine Arts Lisa Braysen
Gender Studies Ruby Robinson
General Business Sam Weehunt
Geography Donovan Parker
Geosciences Steven Ring
Graphic Novels Ruby Robinson 
Health and Behavioral Sciences Steven Ring
Health and Relational Communication Steven Ring
Higher Education Anne Zwicky
History Marla McDaniel
Human Resource Management Sam Weehunt
Humanities Marla McDaniel
International Business Jennifer Fuentes 
International Politics Donovan Parker
Investment Management Jennifer Fuentes
Latino Studies Jesús Serrato
Leadership and Strategic Planning Donovan Parker
Leadership in Business Sam Weehunt
Leadership in Military Science Donovan Parker
Leisure Reading - African American Voices Ruby Robinson
Leisure Reading - General Anne Zwicky
Leisure Reading - LatinX Voices  Jesús Serrato
Library Science Steve Bonario
Management Sam Weehunt
Management Information Systems Steve Bonario
Marketing Sam Weehunt
Mathematics Jesús Serrato
Media and Public Communication Merriann Bidgood
Medical & Applied Health Communication Steven Ring
Military Leadership Donovan Parker
Music Studies Marla McDaniel
Non-Profit Management Donovan Parker
Nursing Steven Ring
Philosophy Donovan Parker
Plain Language Merriann Bidgood
Political Science  Donovan Parker
Psychology  Chris Stempinski
Public Deliberation Merriann Bidgood
Public Land Management Sam Weehunt
Public Policy & Administration Donovan Parker
Quantitative Methods in Research Donovan Parker
Religious Studies Donovan Parker
Restaurant and Food Service Administration Sam Weehunt
Rhetoric & Compositions Merriann Bidgood
Risk Management and Insurance Jennifer Fuentes 
Safety Management Steve Bonario
Security Management Steve Bonario
Social Sciences Chris Stempinski
Social Work Yesenia Sanchez
Sociology Chris Stempinski
Spanish Jesús Serrato
Spanish-English Professional Interpretation Jesús Serrato
Spanish-English Professional Translation Jesús Serrato
Sports and Fitness Ruby Robinson
Statistics Jesús Serrato
Structural Analysis and Design Steve Bonario
Supply Chain Management Sam Weehunt
Technical Communication Merriann Bidgood
Urban Education Anne Zwicky