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Library Mission


The mission of the W. I. Dykes Library is to support the University's academic programs and to facilitate teaching and learning by providing learning resources, new technology and information service to the faculty, staff and students to meet their curriculum, research and information needs.


The W.I. Dykes Library will be an essential partner in student success and faculty support by providing an inclusive collaborative learning environment, quality information resources, and excellent user centered service.


The W.I. Dykes Library staff value the following in all aspects of their work and relationships with the broader UHD community.

The W.I. Dykes Library supports an open, safe environment for curious minds to engage and discover without fear of judgment, empowering intellectual and academic freedom.

The W.I. Dykes Library’s exceptional staff upholds a high standard of quality making the user experience a priority. Through our multiple resources and spaces we strive to provide excellence in service.

The W.I. Dykes Library meets the changing needs of the UHD community by developing services and collections that are flexible and user-centered.

The W.I. Dykes Library is driven by the recognition that different people and new ideas create an innovative learning environment. Our efforts are grounded in engaging and beneficial projects that respond to our community.

The W.I. Dykes Library strives to treat all of our users with honesty and respect where one idea or person is not privileged over another.

The W.I. Dykes Library embraces and recognizes the unique and diverse background of the UHD community by providing a safe and inclusive environment that encourages collaboration and intellectual development.