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Suspicious Activity

​​​The University of Houston Downtown continually monitors for suspicious activity on campus and is prepared to respond accordingly and in coordination with the UHD Police Department (UHD PD) UHD PD is the first responder to any incidents on campus UHD PD is directly connected to Houston PD and the wider Harris County Emergency Response infrastructure Emergency Management in coordination with UHD PD will disseminate emergency notifications to the UHD community via a combination of emails, text messages, and digital displays. Notifications for public viewing will be published to theUHD Home Page, UHD Facebook, UHD Twitter, andUHD Alerts on Twitter.    



What to do 

Report what you see to 911 or the UHD Police at 713-221-8911.

  • If you see suspicious activity, report it to law enforcement and describe specifically what you observed, including: 

  • Who or what you saw; 

  • When you saw it; 

  • Where it occurred; and 

  • ​Why is it suspicious. ​