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​​Many underestimate the risk and destructive power of fire. The U.S. Fire Administration, a division of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, believes in promoting awareness that fires are fast and deadly. Knowing how to quickly react during a fire will save lives. 


What to do?​

  • If fire alarm is not sounding, activate the nearest fire alarm pull station 

  • Call 713-221-8911 or 911 to report the fire ​

  • Notify and assist people in the immediate area 

  • Confine the fire by closing doors as you exit 

  • Evacuate the building at the nearest exit ​

  • Do not re-enter the building until authorized to do so by emergency personnel 

  • Never assume a fire alarm is a false alarm 

  • Do not use elevators 

  • If unable to exit, go to nearest exit stairwell or safe area and call 713-221-8911 or 911 

  • Use fire extinguisher if fire is small, contained, and the room is not filled with smoke 

  • Report all instances of fire or smoke, no matter how small, to UHD PD or Emergenc​y Management & Fire Safety. 

Fire Extinguishers  

  1. P.A.S.S. Video -​atch?v=PQV71INDaqY 

  2. Fire Extinguisher Types (See image below) ​

fire extinguisher graphic

If your clothes catch on fire: ​

  • Stop what you’re doing. 

  • Drop to the ground and cover your face if you can. 

  • Roll over and over or back and forth until the flames go out. Running will only make the fire burn faster. ​

Once the flames are out, cool the burned skin with water for three to five minutes. Call for medical attention